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BRC purchases additional housing for continued drug and alcohol recovery

BRC Recovery (BRC) is pleased to announce the purchase of two apartment complexes in central Austin, TX. These apartment complexes will serve to provide safe, recovery-supportive and gender specific housing for recent graduates of the BRC recovery program. Apartment complexes in Austin, TX were selected due to all that the beautiful, thriving city has to offer as well as their close proximity to the BRC residential center, which is located just outside of the city.

Safety. Balance. Recovery.

Austin is often referred to as the ‘crown jewel of Texas’, providing a great balance of scenery as well as economic opportunity for recovering BRC residents. Central Austin sits on a fault line along the edge of the Texas hill country and contains numerous caves, underground rivers, natural springs and wildlife. It is also an emerging hub for those in the technology industry. Keeping in line with this thinking, several studies have shown that the longer an individual is in a treatment and recovery environment, the better their recovery outcome will be. Regarding the acquisition of the apartment complexes, BRC Recovery CEO, Marsha Stone had the following to say:

At BRC Recovery, we understand the importance of peer-based support to long-term recovery, and the apartments will be a powerful way of extending our continuum of recovery support to our alumni.

[photo by StuSeeger on flickr]