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BRC Life Skills with Marsha Stone

After the 90-day residential program, residents who successfully complete the first phase of the BRC Recovery program are offered the opportunity to continue with extended levels of care. Most of the residents who come through this Austin rehabilitation center move into their sober living residences and participate in Segue, a 12-month aftercare monitoring program. This is the continuum of care so essential to long-term sobriety. Through guidance, accountability, and the learning of new skills, BRC residents prepare to re-enter society. Life skills is a critical part of learning to live sober. Many men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction lack adequate role models for healthy living and/or never learn the basic skills necessary for successful daily living…how to take care of the mind, body and spirit, and how to take care of our personal affairs. Through the BRC Recovery program, residents learn many life skills including goal setting, accountability, financial responsibility, physical health/wellness, and communication. In this brief video, CEO Marsha Stone, highlights the importance of life skills in the recovery process at BRC Recovery. Mark Houston Hall