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BRC Recovery: Providing The Solution for Chronic Relapse

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BRC Recovery

The terms chronic relapse, 12 Step immersion, and long term continuum of care have become more common place in the field of addiction treatment and rehabilitation within the last few years. But what do these terms mean and what are their significance in determining successful outcomes from the crippling diseases of alcoholism and addiction?

Long Term, Gender Specific Care For Men and Women With Addiction and Alcoholism

At BRC Recovery, these terms make up the heartbeat of our program, founded in 2006, and still operational today as a pioneer of the extended care recovery residence movement. Our founder, Mark Houston, saw that some people, despite attending a clinical treatment program, were unable to take the knowledge they had acquired about their alcoholism or addiction, and put it into practical application resulting in permanent sobriety. Seeing this as a common problem in need of a solution he imagined and designed a facility that would provide long term, gender specific, extended care for the chronic relapser, and to do so through a program based on the tried and true 12 Steps combined with high accountability and life skills delivered by peers in long term recovery. That vision has evolved into BRC Recovery, a nationally certified and acclaimed residential recovery program with a track record of astounding success with the most historically difficult population to treat. Our residents, of all ages, come from around the globe representing a wide variety of backgrounds. Many have been to addiction treatment multiple times with a long history of chronic relapse.

Our Commitment to Our Residents chronic relapse

Our belief is that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, progressive diseases that demand a lifelong set of practices as a way of living if we are to experience permanent recovery. Our commitment to our residents is that we will provide a set of life skills and spiritual practices which will be incorporated and assimilated into their minds and hearts and allow them to recreate and reclaim their lives.

There is hope and recovery is possible.

chronic relapse help Austin, TX Marsha Stone, CEO BRC Recovery