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What is Aftercare Monitoring in Addiction Treatment?

aftercare monitoring in addiction treatment Aftercare monitoring in addiction treatment is a bridge from residential programs to a substance-free life. After months of learning the tools you’ll need in recovery, aftercare monitoring teaches you to integrate these lessons into your daily routine. The longer a person with a substance use disorder has access to help, the greater their chances of staying the path. Aftercare monitoring gives you the resources you’ll need to stay accountable to your program and stay true to your mission of living substance-free.

What Does Aftercare Monitoring Mean?

Aftercare monitoring is a program designed to help you thrive in recovery after completing an addiction treatment program. Recovery is an ongoing process. To live substance-free means having support and accountability well beyond initial treatment. Segue Recovery Support is BRC’s aftercare monitoring program, and it greatly improves one’s chances of maintaining sobriety beyond initial treatment.

How Aftercare Monitoring Can Help

What makes aftercare monitoring effective? Aftercare monitoring in addiction treatment creates a documented record of sobriety, provides relapse intervention and improves success rates of recovery. It helps you transition from residential treatment to a new phase of recovery in which you become accustomed to staying substance-free in your daily life. This approach facilitates personal growth and reinforces the lessons learned in previous recovery programs.

Segue Recovery Support’s Pillars of Aftercare

Effective treatment requires a multi-faceted strategy. Segue Recovery Support provides a five-pronged approach to aftercare.

  • Monitoring – 12-step meeting attendance. Alcohol and drug testing.
  • Case Management – Support for issues involving work, school and health care.
  • Recovery Coaching – Mentoring in 12-step programs. Support and guidance through peer recovery.
  • Accountability – Identifying relapse behaviors and preventing physical relapse before it happens.
  • Family Engagement – Rebuilding trust with families. Preventing enabling behaviors. Family coaching.

This is just a broad overview of what clients can expect when utilizing Segue Recovery Support’s program. However, each client has their own unique set of needs, so each person’s plan is highly customized to address their specific lifestyle and challenges.

Phases of Aftercare Monitoring

Over the course of a year, participants in the Segue Recovery Support program will enter several phases of support. After an introduction in which resources and goals are identified, a participant will have a three-month period that provides a framework for sober living. The next three months focus on reviewing progress and preventing relapse. The final six months of the program centers on customizing a recovery strategy based on what has been learned from the initial six months of aftercare monitoring. In this final phase, you address unresolved issues and set attainable, measurable goals for future progress.

Aftercare Monitoring in Addiction Treatment Sets the Stage for a Substance-Free Life

Intensive treatment is often necessary for someone struggling with a substance use disorder. However, recovery is a life-long journey that requires continuing accountability and access to resources. Aftercare monitoring is your link from treatment to a sustainable, successful recovery. Daily life presents challenges, and it might seem difficult to incorporate what you’ve learned in a program to your everyday routines. Aftercare monitoring in addiction treatment allows you to stay connected to your community. Through ongoing support, meetings and accountability, you will learn to take the valuable lessons you’ve learned and implement them to achieve a balance between all your obligations and your recovery. Aftercare monitoring is one of many valuable tools available to people seeking a better life. If you’ve been considering where to begin the process of recovery or you’re thinking about how you’ll lead a substance-free life once you complete your current program, you should know that you have many options available. At BRC Recovery, we help people through all stages of their journey.

Contact Us to Learn More About Aftercare Monitoring

At BRC Recovery, we know that no one is treatment resistant. Recovery isn’t easy, but the hard work you put in today will reap benefits for the rest of your life. If you’re interested in learning more about BRC Recovery or Segue Recovery Support’s aftercare monitoring program, we encourage you to reach out. Call us today at 1-866-461-1759.