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A Lifetime of Gratitude: A Story of Addiction and Recovery

Addiction does not discriminate between age, gender or social status. Whether you were raised in a large house or in a tiny apartment, anyone can become addicted to drugs, alcohol or both. For some individuals, exposure to addiction begins at a young age through older family members, while others come from families that are void of substance abuse.  However, there is still hope to find help and the necessary skills to overcome the addiction. It is important for those in recovery to hear others’ stories of personal experiences, strength and hope. This week we are lucky enough to share with you Chris T’s story. Chris is a BRC Recovery alumnus that shared his journey with his hometown paper, the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript. Chris with his mom Chris, a New Hampshire native, began using drugs at 13 years old and struggled with drug addiction for 14 years. He began with smoking marijuana, which grew into a long-term relationship with illegal substances. He struggled to complete school and had dreams of attending college, but as his disease progressed he didn’t make it very far. Eventually, he became a prescription drug abuse user. “I was using the pharmacy like my drug dealer,” Chris said. It was an arrest that had Chris facing a two-year jail sentence that had him searching for something to help. “You can’t scare me with death,” he said. “What scared me was looking back on a wasted life.” BRC Recovery was the solution that allowed Chris to change his life.  It was here that he followed the 12-Steps to move forward with his life free of chemical dependency. We are so proud of Chris and all the he has accomplished in his three years of sobriety! Are you or a loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? Our staff of recovery professionals are here to help you find and maintain a life of permanent sobriety.