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A Letter from Vickie, BRC Alumni Coordinator

I’m happy to introduce myself as the new Alumni Coordinator for BRC Recovery. As the alumni program grows, I will be your new point of contact for questions, events, hot topics in addiction/recovery, networking possibilities, and updates about BRC Recovery. This blog will also feature updates on alumni on their recovery journey.

My personal journey with the BRC Recovery (formerly Mark Houston Recovery) began in April 2010. I spent four months as a resident in the women’s program. I learned about the disease of addiction and the solution. I transitioned into sober living in Austin where my sobriety was taken for a test drive. I experienced all the challenges and rewards that come with early sobriety and learned how to incorporate recovery into my everyday life. I faced legal issues, family struggles, and unemployment. As the curve balls of life were tossed my direction, I learned to utilize the spiritual tools of recovery and lean on my support system.

I was given the opportunity in March to be a part of the solution as a Recovery Manager. I worked closely with the female residents, offering the same solution afforded to me. I was blessed to see the miracle of recovery on a daily basis. I saw first-hand the transformation that happens when someone passes through addiction to recovery. What I love most about BRC Recovery is the ongoing source of support and sense of family.

As Alumni Coordinator, I am honored to carry on this tradition. I hope to be a vital source of support for all alumni of BRC Recovery. I encourage you to take advantage of our revamped website,Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Vickie Bing is the Alumni Coordinator for BRC Recovery.  She received her B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Vickie is a former high school teacher and an Air Force veteran.  You can read other posts on her blog at The BRC Recovery Blog.