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5 Things You Gain in Addiction Recovery

5 Things You Gain in Addiction RecoveryEspecially during early recovery, it’s tough to believe that you’ll ever feel better. But as you begin to heal your whole self, the mental, physical and spiritual gains are plenty. Here are a few ways that addiction recovery can improve your health and overall outlook on life.

  • Increased energy. Recovery affords you the time to find healthy activities and hobbies to make you feel energized and alive. Plus, you’ll have no more hangovers and you’ll learn healthier habits to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Better appearance. Addiction can take a big toll on your appearance. Luckily, even a few weeks into recovery, you’ll begin to notice brighter eyes, shinier hair, clearer skin and a healthier glow – and your appearance will keep improving as you continue to work on your recovery and learn to incorporate self-care into your routine.
  • Meaningful relationships. An important part of recovery is building a solid network of support and this means learning to be discerning about who should (and who shouldn’t) be in your life. This crucial recovery skill will enable you to have mutually beneficial relationships with people who help to make you the best sober you. What’s more, as you continue on your journey toward lasting sobriety, you’ll form bonds with recovery peers and become part of an invaluable recovery community.
  • More hope. As you learn to build your mind, body and spirit, you’ll also be building your hope for a brighter, fulfilling future. Hope is a powerful motivator to keep you going in recovery and fighting for your health and happiness. Studies have found that hope also promotes healthier behaviors, including fruit and vegetable consumption, regular exercise and quitting smoking.
  • Greater self-confidence. As you reach small and big recovery goals, you’ll find yourself gaining more and more confidence in yourself and your ability to stay sober. Working on your self-esteem is an important part of your recovery. After all, the better you feel about you, the less likely you are to harm yourself with drugs and/or alcohol.

Reap the Benefits of Recovery The hard work of recovery comes with plenty of big payoffs. Segue Recovery Support’s ongoing coaching services can help you or someone you love stay on track so you can continue to reap the mental, physical and spiritual gains of a sober life. To learn more about our recovery support servicescontact a Recovery Specialist at 833-485-0789.