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5 Spooky, Sober Halloween Ideas

Halloween is less than a week away, and if you haven’t prepared for how to face the occasion as a recovering addict, you could be setting yourself up for a significant challenge. This time of year is often full of traps, tricks and triggers for the unwary traveler on the road to health and happiness. And just like the protagonist of your favorite childhood ghost story, you need to have tools for dealing with dangers that lurk in the shadows. The good news is that it’s not too late to plan the perfect sober Halloween get-together that brings the “boo” without booze. Here are five of our top ideas.

1. Go on a Halloween Hike

Autumn is the perfect time of year to spend time in the great outdoors. The weather is cooler and less humid, the sky is a gorgeous shade of blue and the leaves are transforming into a tapestry of reds, golds and auburns. Take advantage of the season and treat yourself to a long walk. You’ll get no shortage of benefits, from fresh air and sunshine to the inspiration of surrounding yourself with natural beauty. You can even take the opportunity to turn your hike into a walking meditation.

2. Have a Carving Showdown

Jack-o’-lanterns are synonymous with Halloween. What better way to discover your friends’ and family’s artistic skills than by inviting them to participate in a carving contest? Though the traditional jack-o’-lantern depicts a silly or scary face, you can branch out and do any design that strikes your fancy, from a company logo to Star Wars’ iconic Death Star. And, if you’re worried your knife skills aren’t up to the task, you can paint your gourd instead. The only limit is your imagination!

3. Design a Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt

If you have kids in your family or friend group (or maybe adults who never grew up), put together a creepy scavenger hunt and invite everyone to participate. The anticipation and planning of getting your scavenger hunt together will bust through any boredom you might feel and help you stay focused on sober fun on Allhallows Eve.

4. Have a Halloween Crafting Party

Engaging in creative pursuits can be an excellent way to support your sobriety. Buy plenty of supplies like fabric, glue, mesh, mini pumpkins and fake cobwebs, then gather your sober support group and get started on projects like DIY Halloween wreaths and centerpieces. If you want to add an element of competition, plan to hand out prizes like candy, gift cards or tickets to holiday events for the top three entries.

5. Go on a Harvest Hayride

Nothing says fall and harvest season like going on a hayride or visiting a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Fortunately, there are many activities like this around the Austin area. If you’re looking for something to get you in the autumn spirit, embrace the festive frivolities and go play on a farm.

Enjoy Your Sober Halloween in Style

Holidays like Halloween can represent a significant challenge to people in recovery. If you are new to recovery and wondering if you can make it through Halloween while managing the triggers of drugs and alcohol, you’ll likely benefit from the structure of Segue Recovery Support’s three tiers of high-accountability sober living programs. Don’t struggle alone; contact us today to learn about our support options.