BRC Recovery’s Own Tracie Kitchen Represents BRC at Georgetown’s CA Annual Birthday Bash

Tracie Kitchen, Executive Director of BRC Recovery’s Women’s Program, addressed a celebratory crowd at Georgetown’s 5th Annual Birthday Bash this weekend and her message of hope did not disappoint those looking for inspiration.

“I spoke about my own experience,” said Kitchen, “The presence of God in my life and how this program has given me more than a sufficient substitute for drugs and alcohol.”

Indeed, those in recovery would be hard-pressed to find a better role model. Tracie has risen up the ranks at BRC Recovery from a resident care associate, to program director to executive director of the entire women’s program.

“I was able to talk about how I continue to grow in sobriety,” added Kitchen, “and that I work the steps and practice the principles of recovery on a daily basis.”

More than 100 people attended the CA Birthday Bash, where festivities included a raffle, sobriety countdown and an impressive potluck.  The fellowship of CA is known for its inclusiveness, reaching out to those who have struggled with all mind-altering substances and Georgetown’s theme of “Freedom in the Solution” is indicative of this message.

“On the way to the event, I was distracted in my car thinking about what to say,” said Tracie, “So of course I got lost. Then I remembered to get out of my head. It was my job to show up, suit up and deliver the message as it was delivered to me.” 

Attendees at the birthday bash were glad she did and BRC Recovery is proud to have Tracie as a living example that doing the next right thing on a daily basis adds up to life of grace and abundance.


About the Author:

Nina James is a writer and web content editor based in Bel Air, Maryland. She is also a grateful, former resident of BRC Recovery.