Why You Should Embrace Being Uncomfortable

comfort zone

comfort zone“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

This is a great quote and it can’t be more spot on – especially as you work through recovery and begin to build a new sober life without the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

Think about. A big part of the recovery journey requires going outside of your comfort zone – to talk about your history with a counselor or group of recovery peers, to go through the 12-steps, to try a new food or relaxation technique, to make amends with a family member or friend, to fight through a craving or urge to use again. You might even say that being successful in recovery requires you to learn how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable parts.

When we get stuck in our comfort zone, we continue to practice our learned behaviors in order to protect ourselves from the perceived pain of evolving and growing as a person. Breaking out of your comfort zone is a crucial part of self-growth. When you embrace being uncomfortable you open yourself up to learning something new and discovering a whole new side of yourself.

Good news: If you’re in rehab and have committed to recovery, you’ve already taken that first uncomfortable step. After all, all addictions are comfort zones. Don’t turn back. Now is the time to push yourself past your comfort zone even more.

You might wonder how to do this? No one expects you to take these giant steps alone. This is when your support system counts. Your recovery peers and counselors can likely relate to your feelings and experiences and offer guidance on how to embrace any uncomfortable situations.

A little positive self-talk certainly can’t hurt either. Encourage yourself by saying to yourself: “I can do this,” or “It will get easier.” All you can ask of yourself right now is to try your best and, like other aspects of recovery, have patience with yourself and the process.

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