When is Someone Considered an Alcoholic?

when is someone considered an alcoholic

when is someone considered an alcoholicAlcohol plays a small role in some people’s lives and a much larger one in others. How problematic alcohol use becomes depends on many factors. When drinking starts to cause serious consequences, the question becomes when is someone considered an alcoholic?

There are several ways to think about the answer to this question. To better understand the many facets of alcoholism, let’s look at some of the most common signs that someone might be an alcoholic.

When They Want to Stop Drinking but Can’t

A hallmark of alcoholism is the desire to stop drinking and the inability to do so. If you’re concerned about your alcohol consumption, set a period in which you don’t want to drink. If you can’t achieve that goal, then you might have, at the very least, a psychological dependence on alcohol.

When They Are Physically Dependent on Alcohol

When is someone considered an alcoholic? If they need alcohol to feel normal or to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, they are dependent on alcohol. Physical dependence is a clear indicator of addiction. If you become ill once alcohol leaves your system, then you are likely dependent. Signs of alcohol dependency include tremors, nausea, irritability and intense cravings for alcohol.

When Their Life Is Repeatedly Being Affected by Drinking

Whether you are struggling to do your job, or your relationships are being affected by drinking, you could have an addiction to alcohol.  Here again, the recognition that alcohol is dramatically affecting your life combined with an inability to stop drinking is a major sign of alcoholism.

When They Make Plans to Accommodate Drinking

If you make plans based strictly around drinking, be mindful that this is often a sign of alcoholism. You might be reluctant to go to events or engage with others if you won’t be able to have a drink. You might avoid activities because you know that they take place during a time that you will be intoxicated. If alcohol takes up this much space in your life, it is a warning sign of an alcohol use disorder.

When They Drink Alone

People often start drinking for social reasons, but as an addiction to alcohol progresses, one might start regularly drinking in solitude. Drinking alone isn’t just a sign of alcoholism, it can also be a sign of depression. Drinking alone could isolate you from others, increase feelings of depression and put you at risk of a serious injury.

When Is Someone Considered an Alcoholic?

If someone is questioning how alcohol is affecting their life, the chances are good that alcohol is causing unwanted consequences. “When is someone considered an alcoholic?” is a question that people ask when they are noticing a troubling trend in their own lives or the in the lives of a loved one.

It’s important to understand that alcohol affects people differently. Some might be physically dependent on it. Others might not experience withdrawals when they don’t drink, yet still have a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol that they want to address.

If you want to stop drinking and you can’t, know that help is always available. Some people might believe that they are incapable of quitting alcohol, but it’s important to realize that no one is beyond help.

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