The Power of Hope


I must be the Greatest

When he beat Liston in 1964 and said “I must be the Greatest”, I was 11 and average. From that moment on, I wanted to be great.” –Thomas Henderson, former Dallas Cowboy

I had the opportunity last week to attend the West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders. What an amazing event held in beautiful (albeit HOT) Palm Springs, California! On Saturday night BRC hosted an intimate gathering of old and new friends to network and discuss treatment solutions, have a nice meal and enjoy fellowship (and air conditioning!!) I was seated next to an employee, an alumni, of BRC, who was recounting his experiences while a resident. He talked of the 12 step immersion, the accountability, the therapeutic process, the life skills, physical fitness and nutrition, and every other component of the program.

Yet, above all those things,  he stated that the most powerful part of the program was the tangible hope he found in the recovered men and women who worked at the program, and in the alumni who visited on a weekly basis to share their experience, strength and hope. He stated he wanted what they had, and because of their sharing hope with him, he believed he could have “it” too. They “hooked me with a vision” he said and laughed with the laugh of a man with an awakened spirit!

The power of hope is undeniable. As a person in long term recovery, I can remember the early days where hope was about all I had. Now some years later, I believe that, above all, what I have to offer others is hope. I often share my recovery experience with other people. I tell them that at my most broken moment, I became willing to take a long, hard look at myself and my life. And I began to be willing to take direction that was contrary to my thinking mind, but was born out of the successful experiences of those who had come before me. They told me I could get well and I believed them. Hope was instilled!

I am so grateful for the courageous heroes that came before me and paved the way to freedom. If you believe it, you can achieve it! I have a Higher Power that wants the very best for me in every area of my life. My sponsor tells me “God loves you like crazy!!” And, I firmly believe that with that foundation, I am the author of my own life, and the creator of my own destiny. Thought, word, deed…

Thank you Mohammad Ali and many others who told and showed us that greatness truly is attainable. Thank you to the heroes in recovery who shared their own hope, and taught us to trust in the process, and that this “greatness” thing surely is an inside job. TYG

The Power of Hope _Marsha StoneMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery