The Segue Program: A Lifeline for the Recovering Addict and Family

sunshine gold courseBRC Recovery’s Segue Program is an invaluable resource for families who have a loved one in the early stages of recovery. Our son went through BRC Recovery in 2015, and when he completed the inpatient program, he transitioned to the sober living apartments and enrolled in the 12-month Segue program. At that time, only BRC Recovery inpatient graduates were permitted to enroll in the Segue program. When I learned recently that BRC Recovery has opened the program to anyone who wants a supportive aftercare program, I was thrilled! Over the last few years, I have met many people who have loved ones in rehab facilities other than BRC Recovery, but I was unable to recommend they enroll their loved one in the Segue program. Now I can recommend Segue to everyone!

The Segue Aftercare Monitoring Program saved my sanity, and I cannot speak highly enough about how much it helped our family. If you’re like me, as your loved one makes the transition from inpatient rehab to sober living, you’ll have dozens of questions, along with worries and legitimate fears. What will sober living look like for your loved one? How often should you interact with your loved one, and how can you rebuild your relationship? And since many addicts experience arrested development at the age they started using, how will your loved one learn critical life skills like budgeting, finding a job, or returning to school? The Segue program can assist with answering these questions and preparing your loved one for a life of sobriety.

Perhaps most important of all, the Segue Peer Recovery Support (PRS) specialists serve as the “recovery police” so the family doesn’t have to take on that role. They administer regular drug and alcohol tests, acclimate your loved one to sober living, and help them develop a short-term life plan. These services gave us the opportunity to rebuild our relationship with our son without having to dog him about his recovery progress. The PRS specialists also provide regular reports and support to the family, help with establishing positive communication, and assist with setting expectations, boundaries, and consequences.

All these services proved invaluable to our family as we navigated the first year of our son’s sobriety. We had so many fears and questions, and the Segue PRS specialists patiently helped us understand the source of each fear and answered each question. They helped us establish a new relationship with our son, and they helped him navigate the legal and employment issues he faced.

If you or someone you know has a loved one in the early stages of recovery, I strongly encourage you to engage the Segue Aftercare Monitoring Program to help your family make the transition to full recovery. Their services can help immeasurably as you navigate new territory, or ground you’ve covered before, but without support or assistance. Segue PRS specialists are there to help!

Diana Urban