Renewing Your Recovery | National Recommitment Month

renewing your recovery

Committing to recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction is a major step toward your continued health and well-being. Recovery is not a one-time event. Rather, your recovery is a lifelong process that needs your continuous focus and attention to be successful. Renewing your recovery commitment is a positive step to take during National Recommitment Month.

What is a Commitment?

True commitment is much more than simply making a statement that you are going to do something. For example, you may say “I’m committed to being a better employee at work.” How will you go about achieving that? Likewise, if you say, “I’m committed to my recovery,” you need to think about the process that will be necessary to achieve your goals. Renewing your recovery commitment must include earnest devotion toward the objective. National Recommitment Month is an excellent time to focus on your goals and on your commitment to your recovery.

Focus on Your Goals

When you are committed to your long-term and sustained recovery, you should start by setting smaller goals that will help you along the way. These goals should be specific, measurable, and achievable. As you achieve each goal, you will feel a renewed sense of commitment to the overall objective of renewing your recovery.

As you go through the process, ask yourself why you’re setting each goal. What exactly is it that you want to change when you achieve it? Perhaps you’ve decided that you need to choose more nutritious foods to improve your physical health. Think about why you want to do that and then what it will take to achieve the end goal, as well as what specific steps you’ll need to take to sustain your new emphasis on healthy eating.

Next, consider the importance of each goal. Identifying how important it is for you to achieve that goal can strength your motivation and focus your attention in a more positive manner. Smaller, specific goals are easier to accomplish. Create a detailed plan to achieve the goals that will help you recommit to your recovery. Understand the realistic challenges but have confidence that you can do this. Then, you can celebrate each step along the way, which will lead to a healthier you!

Take Steps to Move Forward

One of the most important aspects of renewing your recovery is to continue moving forward. Seeking treatment for your addiction was a significant first step. You are working toward rebuilding and reclaiming your life by addressing the underlying causes of your addiction. Therapy sessions, including individual and family counseling, have helped you with your self-awareness and with developing coping strategies for your newfound recovery.

Moving forward involves taking steps to overcome triggers and avoid relapse. During National Recommitment Month, focus on the positive aspects of your recovery and use your support network to continue enhancing your progress.

Your Recovery Commitment

Recommitting and renewing your recovery should be continuous, just as recovery itself is a lifelong process. It is a constant effort, of course, but your health and well-being depend on it. As you continue to recommit to recovery, you will be changing many things in your life, including the way you deal with stress, the people you allow to be an influence on you, what you do in your free time, and how you think about yourself.

As you prepare for renewing your recovery during National Recommitment Month, use these recommended steps as a guide:

  • Remind yourself of the reasons you want to change.
  • Think about what has worked in your addiction treatment and recovery, as well as what hasn’t worked.
  • Set specific, measurable, and achievable goals.
  • Remove reminders of your addiction from your home, workplace, and other places you frequent.
  • Tell friends and family that you’re recommitting to your recovery and ask for their support.

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