Motivation Mondays

The Past

Today’s Reminder: The Past

“Just for today I will live through this one day only and not tackle all my problems at once. Those of the past need not concern me today; future ones can be faced as they arise.”

One Day At A Time Series

The time I spend reviewing the past, mourning over past mistakes and failures, is time lost. This is why the twenty-four hour concept, both in AA and Al-Anon, is so strongly emphasized. Our yesterdays have no importance except as experience in the making today more fruitful. Regrets and self-condemnation for what we did or left undone, only destroy the self-esteem we could derive from a balanced view of ourselves.

3 C’s of Al-Anon

  1. We didn’t CAUSE it
  2. We can’t CONTROL it
  3. We can’t CURE it


Questions to Consider This Week

  1. Can I be willing to let go of yesterday and turn over fear of tomorrow to my Higher Power? Will I practice this on a daily basis until it becomes an instinctual habit?
  2. Do I remember that my mistakes and shortcomings can be used to as assets when I am willing to turn the past to good account by using them to help another suffering family?