Motivation Mondays

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Weekly Focal Point

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.”


comfort zone

Spiritual Practices & Development Series
*Step Outside of my Comfort Zone*

In family addiction we have conditioned ourselves to go with the flow and avoid anything that will disrupt it. Family recovery teaches us new tools for living to create a life of abundance. When we begin to put into practice things such as speaking our truth, taking care of ourselves and allowing others to do the same, staying in our own lane and seeking our own relationship with our Creator…miraculous things begin to shift in our lives. Will we continue to commit to leave our comfort zone in an effort to expand and renew this life of recovery?

3 C’s of Al-Anon

  1. We didn’t CAUSE it
  2. We can’t CONTROL it
  3. We can’t CURE it


Considerations to Practice This Week

  1. When I am uncomfortable, pause before acting in my default setting. How can I respond differently?
  2. Seek to try and only say what I mean and mean what I say. Resist the temptation to manage others feelings with your words.
  3. Ask in prayer and meditation for truth that you have been afraid to seek. Watch how your Higher Power responds to a seeking spirit! 🙂
  4. Search three small ways this week you can order something different, take a new route or read something that challenges you. Small victories add up to a large shift in living!