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accountability in recovery

What does it mean to be accountable? How can being accountable to yourself and to your peers help you in your addiction treatment? In fact, peer accountability is one of the major keys to recovery. The peer and professional support you get in an addiction treatment program will become a critical piece of the success of your treatment as will your accountability in recovery.

What is Accountability?

Essentially, accountability is taking responsibility for and being honest about your own actions. As we emphasize at BRC Recovery, “we do what we say, say what we do.” You are accountable to others when you accept the consequences of your actions. When you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may have done whatever it took to get the substances you needed.

Now it’s time to do the opposite of what you did when you ran your own life in addiction. You are now accountable to peers and professionals, to yourself and to your family. Accountability continues throughout treatment with your sponsors and guided by the 12-step principles, giving you a chance at lasting sobriety.

Why is Accountability Important in Recovery?

Being held responsible is a key factor in your recovery. At BRC Recovery, we have interviewed many people who have successfully transitioned from addiction treatment to recovery. They say that they stayed at BRC and, more importantly, they are staying sober, because their clinicians and their peers held them accountable.

These individuals knew they could not fool anyone by making up excuses or stories. They were held accountable by their peers, other addicts, as well as by staff members who are recovering addicts themselves. When they participated in group sessions or other activities, they were not able to talk their way out of, or into, anything in a dishonest way, which would have been the norm for them while they were using drugs or alcohol.

Accountability from Clinicians

A study published recently on the effect of peer groups on adolescents also sheds light on how accountability affects adults in addiction treatment. The study emphasizes that accountability from professional counselors as well as peer role models and recovery sponsors is a key component of a culture of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Clinicians who hold you responsible for your actions are an important aspect of your addiction treatment. These professionals will help you look at your substance use disorder honestly so you can discover the underlying issues behind it. They will also help you see how accountability contributes to your maturity in recovery. You must have discipline to set and achieve your goals. That discipline means that you take responsibility for your actions, during treatment and as you move forward with your life.

Participating in a 12-Step program is also a critical component of developing responsibility and accountability. When you report to your sponsor, you are held accountable for what you have done as well as for what you have not done.

Accountability from Peers

Peers, those people who have been through addiction and understand your stresses and your challenges, are critical to your accountability efforts and to your recovery. These positive relationships benefit you in addiction treatment as you leave your negative influences behind. Just as negative peer influence is strong enough to cause adolescents to engage in self-destructive behaviors and behaviors that harm others, as an adult that negative influence can also damage your efforts to remain in addiction treatment or to sustain your recovery.

Ongoing peer to peer accountability can prevent you from backsliding into the type of situations that led you to your addiction. When you are accountable to peers who are supportive of your sobriety in a positive way, the result will be positive.


We understand your struggle with addiction. We also know that accountability in recovery is critical for your long-term success. The professional team at BRC Recovery is here to help you with the addiction treatment you need to recreate and reclaim your life as well as with developing life skills, including accountability. Contact the professionals at BRC Recovery when you are ready for real change for your life. We offer proven treatment options for your addiction.

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