A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps


Just as there are unique differences to each gender, men and women recover from addiction in different ways.  Throughout 2014, we are thrilled to welcome Dan Griffin, M.A., who will be providing workshops designed for our male residents.

The first workshop, A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps  will be held February 18-20. It is a two and a half day in-depth exploration of what it means to be a man in recovery. While the 12 Step Program can be one of the most transformational “designs for living” available for the full human experience, there are frequently obstacles that prevent and sabotage our success at recovery.  Many men follow self-defeating scripts that are extremely powerful and often invisible.

Frequently, men in recovery do not spend their time consciously reflecting on the man they want to be. Yet, without a thoughtful and heartfelt exploration of this critical part of personal identity, recovery may be limited.

Through a deep and comprehensive exploration of the 12 Steps, this workshop will support the men in defining the man they want to be and what is getting in the way for that to happen. Equally important, the men will support one another in seeing all of the strengths they bring into their recovery as they work towards being happy, healthy men.

Dan’s work represents a holistic study of men’s experience of recovery from addictions. His groundbreaking research became the first trauma-informed curriculum dealing with men’s unique issues and needs.

About Dan GriffinDan Griffin
Dan Griffin has worked in the mental health and addictions field for almost two decades. In early 2010, he started a consulting, training, and speaking business, Griffin Recovery Enterprises.