3 Stages of Recovery with Marsha Stone

The BRC Recovery program

The BRC Recovery program is designed as a three stage process. The first stage of that process is the Residential Program. It’s a 90-day minimum stay. Every resident is assigned a recovery manager that works with them and works with their family the entire length of their stay here. From the time they wake up in the morning, to the time they go to bed at night, the program is mindfully designed to institute the principles of recovery in the day to day activities of the resident.

They assimilate those ideas into their physical practices during the day. It’s a highly accountable program, highly disciplined program. Every resident is going to participate in a community. They’re going to work out with a personal trainer every single day and also participate in Bikram yoga. They’re going to eat a mostly organic diet. We’ve designed our program to holistically address the disease of addiction and alcoholism… mind, body and spirit.

Following the 90-day residential program, BRC Recovery has purchased two beautiful gender-specific apartment complexes located in central Austin and only available to BRC Recovery alumni. Those apartments really foster a sober living community that has proven time and time again to be critical to the transition process. They’re also staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with BRC Recovery alumni that are also certified as Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRS) to really hold the residents accountable during the transition process.

The third part of the BRC Recovery program is our Segue program which is our monitoring program designed and staffed by Peer Recovery Support Specialists to work on-on-one with the residents and their families that critical first year of post discharge from the 90- day program. Most people agree that staying sober while in treatment or while in a recovery program is usually attainable. It’s when a resident leaves, it’s when they begin the transition process, it’s when they begin to incorporate the recovery in their day to day life that we’ve been shown that they need extra assistance, so we’ve designed our monitoring program to fit that need.

3 Stages of Recovery Video