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Addiction Therapy Programs

Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

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a person talks to a therapist in one of many successful addiction treatment programsOne of the most effective ways to overcome addiction is through a treatment program that combines medical and psychiatric care, robust clinical help, brain science, and peer support, often in the form of 12-step programs. Addiction results in isolation, a highjacking of the limbic system in the brain, and the destruction of healthy relationships.  We take pride in the individualized services we provide at our Texas-based recovery centers. 

There is no time to wait when it comes to alcoholism or addiction. We offer an array of addiction therapy programs, including trauma-informed treatment, 12-step immersion, rehab alumni, family therapy, fitness and yoga, medication management, music therapy, holistic therapy, food and nutrition, life skills training, and spiritual coaching. All of our programs focus on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of recovery. When it comes to recovery, we know that alcohol and other drugs are often the symptoms of underlying causes and conditions. The entire person needs to be healed, not just the symptoms. 

Two of our centers, Makana Path and BRC Recovery Center, provide personalized addiction and medical or psychiatric plans for our clients to work on overall wellness in the comfort and safety of residential care. Contact BRC Healthcare at to learn more about our addiction therapy programs in Austin, TX, and surrounding areas. We are here to help you on your journey to freedom from addiction.

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

The following addiction therapy programs are available to those who are seeking recovery in our Austin, TX area locations:

Trauma-Informed Treatment

Research proves that trauma is strongly associated with addiction. Our trauma-informed treatment program encompasses a broad offering of evidence-based trauma therapies to lessen the pain of these life experiences. From EDMR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed cognitive-behavioral therapies, and dialectical behavioral therapy. BRC Healthcare uses a team of specialty therapists to help those with addiction process and cope with any underlying traumas. Whether you have lived through a life-changing accident, have adverse childhood experiences, have been the victim of sexual or physical violence, or are dealing with chronic stress, it’s imperative to address these events and introduce new, healthy coping mechanisms.

12-Step Immersion Program

Our 12-step immersion program, based on the principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, allows clients to develop a strong foundation for sobriety and access to social support for recovery while in treatment. Our programs offer an individualized approach to recovery with the support of peers and counselors. With a focus on building relationships and finding hope through meaningful connections, a 12-step program is a valuable tool for anyone seeking deep and lasting sobriety.

Alumni Program

Our alumni program is a critical component of everything we do at BRC Healthcare. It is available to both our clients and families as a method of ongoing support after treatment. BRC understands that long-term support improves recovery outcomes and arrests the relapse process early, should it occur.  Alumni programming is a free aftercare program that provides clients and families with ongoing support, resources, and accountability in the months and years following treatment.  It’s important to remember that recovery is a lifelong journey, and it’s helpful to have a social support system traveling that journey with you. Having access to ongoing resources helps prevent relapse and equips clients with the tools to realize the full benefit of recovery.

Family Therapy Program

Family plays an integral role in addiction recovery. Our family therapy and family support program helps clients and their families process difficult emotions, rebuild trust, and repair relationships that have been damaged by addiction. We know that addiction impacts everyone it touches, especially families. Communication is key in this program, and it helps families to create healthy boundaries and foster a supportive environment for recovery.

Fitness and Yoga Therapy

Fitness and yoga therapy is an important part of addiction recovery. Exercise has shown to help clients to feel better physically and mentally, reduces stress levels, and promotes healthy habits. Yoga, in particular, is an extremely powerful tool to help clients cope with intense emotions and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and control. Our fitness trainers and yoga teachers ensure that our clients are focused on their physical health, have support in working through old injuries and chronic pain, and learn how to safely use gym equipment to restore their bodies.

Medication Management

For some clients, addiction is not the only mental health issue that needs to be treated. Our team of nurse practitioners, a triple-board certified psychiatrist, and family practice physicians ensure that our clients are safely and comfortably detoxed from alcohol and other drugs when necessary. They are also available to provide oversight, healthcare promotion, and medication management for our clients with co-occurring diagnoses. Because of this oversight, BRC Healthcare is an appropriate choice on our campuses daily, and work with our nursing teams to ensure that all medical and psychiatric issues receive immediate attention and consistently monitor the efficiency of of our treatment intervention. 

Music Therapy Program

Music is a powerful tool to help clients in the recovery process. Music therapy allows clients to express their emotions in a healthy and meaningful way. It also helps to reduce stress, build self-confidence, and promote relaxation. Our team utilizes music in group therapy sessions, recreational activities, and certain life skills lessons to connect clients to themselves and each other. We always want to make sure that activities are joyful and fun. We believe that fun is an important part of recovery.

Holistic Addiction Therapy

Holistic therapy is an important part of addiction recovery. Our holistic approach includes evidence-based treatments such as meditation and mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is an important pillar of dialectical behavioral therapy and has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and even hypertension in some cases. These therapies are designed to address the entire person, not just the symptoms of alcohol or other drug-related disorders. 

Food and Nutrition Therapy

Good nutrition is essential for recovery. Our food and nutrition program offers clients the tools and guidance they need to make healthy dietary choices. Our menus rotate seasonally to ensure that fresh, whole food are available to our clients. They are reviewed by a registered dietician and prepared by our culinary department. 

Life Skills Training

People who abuse drugs or alcohol, especially from a young age, often miss out on reaching certain milestones that lead to greater independence and in adulthood. BRC Healthcare’s life skills program includes training on:

  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Financial responsibility
  • Physical health and wellness
  • Interpersonal communication and healthy relationships
  • Community service
  • General housekeeping and food preparation (at our BRC Recovery locations)
  • Resume building and vocational assistance (in our Segue aftercare programs)

We seek to equip clients with the skills necessary to navigate life and successfully reintegrate into their communities after treatment.

Spiritual Coaching

We want clients to heal spiritually, which is why our addiction therapy programs include spiritual coaching. Spiritual coaching offers clients a chance to explore their beliefs, find clarity and peace within themselves, and develop coping mechanisms for a healthy future. We are not a religiously affiliated program but make every accommodation possible to ensure our clients are able to practice the faith or spiritual belief system they choose.  

Heal with BRC Healthcare’s Addiction Therapy Programs

We aim to making healing possible for our clients and their families.  We take long-term recovery seriously and offer our clients the tools, guidance, and support they need to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives. Contact BRC Healthcare at today to learn more about our addiction therapy programs in Texas.