The Gift of Presence

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Regret Of The Past

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not live in fear of the future or regret of the past? Where would your mind wander and where would your focus land if not in front of you or behind you? The answer is simple. You would live in the here and now which is the ultimate goal of the awakened spirit. It sounds so simple anyway.

Everywhere we look are beautifully written poems hung with fancy frames in the hallways of homes or inspiring sayings sewn into throw pillows on the couches. They encourage me to stay present and live in each moment as if it were my last. I usually internalize that warm fuzzy feeling and then immediately turn my attention to the next thought that crosses my path. They are ideals to strive towards but unattainable ones at best. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain.” “Don’t look back you aren’t going that way.” Or one of my favorites, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Powerful aren’t they?

In the hustle of life I can assure you that not one time do the images of these sayings cross my mind. When the days get long and the pressure of life sits heavily on my heart there is only one thing that will bring my spirit back to the present moment. That thing is often the last tool in the box we reach for and the yet the simplest one to utilize. Time. Time spent alone with our Creator. Time spent aligning our will with His. Time offered as a demonstration of gratitude. Time connecting in the quietest of moments with the only sustainable source of Power.

The holiday season is upon us. We are all busy shopping in stores, ordering online, making wish lists, setting tables, organizing dinner menus, making travel preparations and coordinating with families. There is one gift that cannot be wrapped but serves everyone on our journey. That is the gift of our presence. The ability to show up for those around us and be fully engaged in each moment. This is not only an experience for ourselves but to serve those we love. Rather than fretting over the perfect family photo, the best gift each child wants, or the drama free family get together, let’s give the gift that God calls us to give.

When we live in the future or our past we go there alone. Our Creator resides in this moment waiting to connect with us at every opportunity. Could we all commit to the quiet moments in time alone with our Higher Power? Let’s be awake to the chance to let that Power flow through us and give the most beautiful gift we have to offer, the gift of our presence.

audrey-woodfin_the-gift-of-presenceAudrey Woodfin
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