Intervention Coordination

Who Needs an Intervention?

Convincing a loved one to consider an addiction recovery program can be a challenging process and may require a formal intervention. When people are addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or all three, a primary characteristic of their disease is denial. The inability to see the reality of the problem, despite the obvious and sometimes fatal consequences, is common to suffering alcoholics and addicts.

Your loved one may need an intervention if they are exhibiting signs of addiction such as secrecy, suspicious behavior, financial difficulties, confusion and disorientation, marked changes in appearance, and difficulty functioning in their lives at work or school. If you’re concerned about someone’s substance use, consider reaching out to a trained interventionist.

What to Expect from an Intervention

Spearhead Lodge works with Austin interventionists and professional alcohol and drug interventionists all over the country to help concerned family members who have a loved one abusing or chemically dependent on alcohol and/or drugs.

Interventionists work independently and contract with families for their services. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation, their goal – with the help of family and friends – is to break through the denial of the alcoholic/addict and convince them to enter a recovery program or treatment center. Interventions can be highly successful but require the full cooperation of everyone involved.

We’re Here to Help

At Spearhead Lodge, we know that making the decision to intervene can be challenging, but we encourage you to strongly consider working with an interventionist. If you want to know more about interventions or think an intervention might help your loved one, our admissions counselors would be happy to guide you through this process.

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