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Traditional Sober Living

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Traditional Sober LivingOur traditional sober living allows a greater level of freedom while still providing the safety and accountability of sober living. Residents in this gender-specific program are required to work or go to school, while also being held responsible for keeping regular commitments toward their program of recovery. Biweekly drug and alcohol testing ensures a safe environment, while weekly house meetings allow residents to address conflict and discuss personal issues that can arise in early recovery.

Within a sober living environment, residents learn new ways to stay accountable to themselves, their community, and their recovery process, such as how to replace bad habits with healthy coping strategies and how to become a reliable part of a family or tight-knit group of friends. Many of these methods carry over into their long-term life outside a recovery or rehab setting.


Traditional Sober LivingBenefits of Traditional Sober Living

  • Balance of structure and independence
  • Ability to work or attend school, while keeping focus on recovery
  • Community-driven atmosphere fosters a culture conducive to recovery
  • Oversight on meeting attendance, sponsor engagement and other recovery-related activities
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing
  • Great as a next step from high-accountability sober living, or in some cases, from inpatient treatment


A Sober Lifestyle in Austin, TX

We put long-term sobriety within your reach by empowering you with the tools and guidance you need to achieve your goal of a healthy lifestyle. While you recover with us, you can take advantage of all the cultural amenities Austin has to offer as a thriving metropolitan area. Call to learn more about the benefits of our gender-specific sober living programs.