Relearning to Trust Yourself During Recovery


self-trustLearning to trust yourself and others is an important part of recovery. Self-trust has been described as “having an internal GPS system, so you know where to go next, you trust your decisions (big and small) and you’re willing to take risks.”

Keeping this definition in mind, you can clearly understand why self-trust is so important. Re-establishing self-trust will help you make and keep promises to yourselves and others and give you the confidence needed to survive and thrive as you endure the hard work of recovery.

Taking Steps to Rebuild Self-Trust
Relearning to trust in you won’t happen overnight; it will require time, patience and commitment. It is possible, however. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  • Stay in the present. Think of your recovery as a fresh start or new relationship with you. This means making an effort to forgive yourself for the past and focus on what you can do today to move forward toward self-trust.
  • Prioritize goal setting. Make a list of realistic recovery goals and steps you need to take to meet them. This will give you a roadmap for recovery success and, as you meet your goals, you’ll gain more belief in your abilities.
  • Be reliable and accountable. Simple things like being on time and keeping promises and commitments will go a long way in re-establishing self-trust. After all, it’s hard to trust someone who is undisciplined and unpredictable.
  • Have patience – with yourself as well as the recovery process. And even if you slip-up along the way, trust that you’ll learn from your mistakes and persevere.
  • Celebrate your victories. Whether big or small, each recovery win can help you to rebuild confidence, which is crucial for self-trust.

Put Your Trust in BRC
At BRC, we can help give you the confidence and tools needed to rebuild your self-trust and rebuild your life. We offer comprehensive, holistic addiction recovery programs designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Contact us at 866-461-1759 to learn more about how our recovery services can help you or someone you love.