Nearly 80 People Die Every Single Day From Substance Overdoses According to the U.S. Surgeon General


Drug and alcohol addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is taking a huge toll on the health of the US population. The United States Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has published a landmark report title “Facing Addiction in America” which provides real insight into the health of the nation.

Over 20 million people in the US have a substance disorder according to the report, yet only 10 percent of these receive any type of treatment.

There is still a huge stigma attached to any type of addiction which acts as a tremendous barrier for people who need to seek help. No-one wants to be viewed in a negative way, so unless this stigma is addressed quickly more people will continue to die from drug and alcohol fueled addictions.

Getting advice from a professional can be very helpful for the family and friends of an individual suffering from an addiction problem.  These professionals can help advise family and friends on supportive behavior, and can help family and friends avoid enabling behavior, thus changing the dynamic of the relationship between the substance abuser and the environment.  In the short term, this can cause frustration and anger in the individual with a substance abuse problem, but building healthier relationship structures is helpful in the long run, especially once the individual begins his or her recovery.

Whenever an individual with a substance abuse problem begins treatment, it is also very important for the family and loved ones of this individual to look at their behavior. An addict rarely acts alone. While those around him or her are not responsible for the addict’s behavior, they are often caught in an unhealthy relationship with the individual with a substance abuse problem.

We are here to help break the silence and end the stigma surrounding addiction, contact us now for yourself or a loved one. Simply acknowledging the problem and talking about it is an important first step to begin healing – for yourself, your loved one, and our nation.

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