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We understand that seeking help for alcohol and drug detox can be overwhelming and intimidating. Your comfort and safety throughout this process is our priority. At our facility, you will be cared for in a home-like setting with semi-private rooms and 24/7 medical staff.

For many of our clients, medically supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol is the first step in the recovery process. We understand that each client is unique and begin each admission with thorough clinical, medical, and psychiatric assessments to determine the best comprehensive treatment plan for each individual. For the entirety of the detox process, our experienced medical team will continuously monitor your progress to avoid complications and maximize comfort while the body is being cleansed of addictive substances.

While titrating safely off substances, our team of clinicians and recovery specialists work with each client and their support system to determine a plan for the next steps on the path to recovery. As the physical healing begins to take place, we simultaneously start addressing the underlying issues that may have contributed to drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. These factors such as trauma, grief, shame, attachment styles, healthy relationships, relapse prevention, and more, are addressed in both individual and daily group therapy.

Our team will guide you through the entire process, from the first phone call until you step foot in our facility. We are here to provide expertise to individuals and families through best in class detox and help you begin your path to healing.

We are here to help those affected by Covid-19. If you need support during this time, book a teletherapy session or an online wellness check-in with us.

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