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Motivation Mondays


Today’s Reminder: Responsibility

“Today, if I am tempted to interfere with something that is none of my business, I can turn my attention instead to some way in which I can take care of myself.”

Courage to Change Series: Responsibility

*Page 85*

I came to Al-Anon confused about what was my responsibility. Today, after lots of Step Work, I believe I am responsible for the following: to be loyal to my values; to please myself first; to keep an open mind; to detach with love; to rid myself of anger and resentment; to express my ideas and feelings instead of stuffing them; to attend Al-Anon meetings and keep in touch with friends in the fellowship; to make healthy choices; and to be grateful for my blessings. I also have certain responsibilities to others: to extend a welcome to a newcomers; to be of service; to recognize that others have the right to live their own lives; to listen, not just with my ears, but also with my heart; and to share my joy as well as my sorrow. I am NOT responsible for my alcoholic loved one’s drinking, sobriety, job, cleanliness, diet, dental hygiene, or other choices. It is my responsibility to treat this person with courtesy, gentleness, and love. In this way we can both grow.

3 C’s of Al-Anon

  1. We didn’t CAUSE it
  2. We can’t CONTROL it
  3. We can’t CURE it


***Next Family Afterward Meeting will take place, July 27th @ 7 p.m. CST via Zoom***

Questions to Consider This Week

  1.  When I am honest with myself, can I see that I take on the responsibilities that should be assigned to others? Does my interference potentially hinder another person’s growth opportunity?
  2. Do I truly understand the importance of self care in my own life today? Will I commit to doing one thing each day that nurtures my physical, emotional or spiritual growth?
  3. Identify in your mind what you are responsible for each day and ask God for the knowledge of His will for you and the Power to carry that out. This helps us focus on what we can contribute rather than what we would like to control.