Freedom Workshop – Reconnecting With a Passion for Living

BRC Recovery welcomes Chris Bowers, CEF and motivational speaker, to lead our June Freedom Workshops for both the women and men residential programs.

Because our goal is to cultivate the joy of living, BRC Recovery provides residents and alumni with activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.  The three-day Freedom Workshop is designed to teach individuals how to recreate and reclaim their lives.

Relying on his 20 years of experience, Chris travels worldwide to facilitate personal and corporate development programs. A former Licensed Chemical Dependence Counselor, Chris currently works closely with families and couples seeking a transformation in their relationships. We are thrilled to have Chris join us at BRC Recovery to help us reconnect with the passion of living!

To learn more about our program, call (866) 461-1759 to speak with an admissions coordinator or engage with us on Twitter @BRC Recovery or at Recovery.