Marsha Stone Ken SeeleyRecently, BRC was asked by our good friend Ken Seeley of Intervention 911, and the producers of The Doctors TV Show to accept a patient struggling with heroin addiction for treatment. I flew to LA to meet with Ken, the family of the patient, and for the taping of the episode. What an exhilarating, whirlwind experience!

Returning home, pretty tired, I stood impatiently at the airport baggage carousel waiting for my luggage to appear. All the while, texting my husband and slightly irritated about the delay – I was tired and past ready to be home!

At the end of the line a young girl, probably 4 years old, stood with her father. She was so cute, her cherub face full and with piles of blonde curls piled up on top of her head like a little angel. As the carousel began to turn and the luggage began to topple out, the little girl, seeing the first bag appear from the chute, started to jump up and down as she exploded with utter delight!

-“Dad, where is it coming from?!”

-“Look, there’s another one! Where is it coming from?!”

She squealed over and over as each and every suitcase appeared and toppled onto the conveyor. She was as excited to see the twentieth case as she was the first. I could not help but smile and laugh along with her. The pure joy was contagious.

My mind drifted to when I first got into recovery. My experience with alcoholism had been very  devastating. My marriage and career were in ruins, my children were not in my custody and my financial situation was beyond broken.

When I first got out of treatment I worked at a barely above minimum wage job and did so for the first 18 months of my sobriety. I made very little money and was full of fear for the future. I was, however, at the beautiful intersection of life where I was out of options and out of ideas. I knew that if I was going to live and have any hope for recovery and a future I had to be willing to follow directions for the very first time. And so I did.

I participated in my recovery. Slowly but surely, as I worked a spiritual program of action, things began to change. My marriage was reconciled and I was delighted! I was reunited with my children and I cried with tears of joy! Soon I got a job that has became my passion and career and I was overcome with joy! During those early days my life was exploding like fireworks! I couldn’t believe it!

Much like the little girl at the airport, I was so awestruck that I often felt like ‘God, where is this all coming from?!’  Blessing after blessing after blessing and each time I was amazed and delighted. There was no explanation other than God working in my life.

Believing this to my core, I looked for evidence everywhere of my HP working in my life. And you know what? When you seek, you will find. When you knock, the door will open. I have seen countless lives, including my own, transformed by these simple truths.

So thank you HP for all your blessings, including delayed luggage at the Austin airport.

delightPeace and Love

Marsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery