Connecting in the Time of Coronavirus: Finding Support

connecting in the time of coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic may have you feeling isolated and alone. While you may have to stay home and maintain social distances from others, you are definitely not alone. People across the world are putting into place similar measures, all focused on staying safe and healthy. Connecting in the time of coronavirus may seem to be an overwhelming challenge for you, but there are many options available for finding support for your physical and mental health.

Virtual Chats

Staying connected is possible, in a slightly different manner than you may be used to in “normal” times. Connecting in the time of coronavirus requires the use of technology but can be a good way to find support from your friends and family. Use online services such as Zoom or Skype to see the faces of those who mean the most to you – and so they can your face!

Reach out to people who are a positive influence in your life and who have been supportive throughout your addiction treatment. When you are feeling isolated or are struggling with stress related to COVID-19, connecting virtually can remind you that you have people in your life who care about you and want you to succeed in your recovery.

Online Support Groups

Likewise, when you need support from others who are going through similar experiences as you, there are options available for participating in support groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and 12-Step programs. Even though you cannot sit in the same room with others in these groups, they are still there for you when you are in need of finding support.

These groups have taken precautions around security so you can be assured that your online support group meeting is just as confidential as those that you may have attended in person previously. Take advantage of technology to continue participating in support group meetings, as this type of connection is an important part of your support and treatment in recovery.

Group Exercise

One way to connect with others while continuing to stay physically fit during the coronavirus pandemic is to join a virtual exercise class. Gyms and fitness centers that are not allowed to open for in-person training are offering free classes online. Exercising with others is a great way to find support for your physical health, which is critical for your mental and emotional health as well.

Connect with Co-Workers

If you are working at home, you may feel isolated from your co-workers. Technology can help you there also. Use online platform for chats, finding support for your work and your need to be connected. You may need to use virtual chats with co-workers to get work done, to get or give status updates, or other job-related requirements.

Occasionally, reach out for a virtual break with your co-workers. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a “coffee break” while connecting in the time of coronavirus. Chat about positive things, finding support and offering support to others who are also feeling isolated while working at home.

Reach Out to Help Others

The stress and anxiety you may be experiencing are very common reactions to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to stay connected is to be proactive in reaching out to others who may also need support during this time. When you make an effort to communicate with friends, neighbors, and loved ones, to check on them and to make sure they are okay during a crisis, it actually helps you feel better about yourself. Research has found that helping others regulate their emotions helps you regulate your own emotions, decreases your symptoms of depression, and improves your emotional well-being.

Continue Addiction Treatment

Finding support and connecting in the time of coronavirus is critical to your recovery. You may not be able to go to a movie or enjoy shopping for new clothes, but you can – and should – continue your addiction treatment program throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease of addiction continues to claim more than 67,000 lives each year, so your treatment remains essential in these uncertain times.

BRC Recovery Continues to Support You and Your Recovery During COVID-19

At BRC Recovery, we are dedicated to your safety and well-being during COVID-19. We will continue to support you in your addiction treatment so you can get sober and build the life you’ve always wanted. We specialize in helping chronic relapsers and those who think they are resistant to treatment. Please call us at 1-866-461-1759 with your questions and to learn more about our services.