Choosing a Sponsor

choosing a sponsor

choosing a sponsorChoosing the right sponsor is critical for a successful recovery and requires careful consideration. So what makes a good sponsor? For one, the person should be active in his or her own recovery. This means the person should have worked through the 12 steps and be sober for at least one full year. Another rule of thumb is to avoid beginning a sponsor/sponsee relationship with someone who you could be attracted to. Romantic involvement is just too risky right now and will distract you from focusing on your recovery.

3 Questions to Consider
When choosing a sponsor, keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. Does the person have a sponsor or other sponsees? When your sponsor also has a sponsor it further demonstrates the person’s commitment to sobriety and experience with the sponsor/sponsee relationship. What’s more, it may provide you with an additional support in your recovery. Similarly, you don’t want to choose someone who is already sponsoring someone else as this person won’t be able to devote enough time to you.
  2. Will he or she enhance your recovery? You want a sponsor who you admire and respect and who will help motivate you to build a fulfilling, sober life. Ask yourself: Is this person optimistic and positive to be around? Does he or she have a good sober life filled with healthy hobbies and altruistic activities? Is he or she honest and open?
  3. Will you feel comfortable confiding in this person? Confiding in a new person is always tough at first but you need to do your best to pick a sponsor who you can grow to trust. If over time you’re just not comfortable being around and confiding in your sponsor, it’s best to choose someone else. Along these lines, you might need different qualities in your sponsor depending on the stage of your recovery. Don’t feel stuck in a sponsor/sponsee relationship if it’s not working for you.

About Our 12-Step Immersion Program
At BRC, our 12-Step immersion program gives clients the tools they need to live sober lives, as well as proper training on how to implement them. We break the 12 steps up over a 90-day period, so our clients can fully immerse themselves in each step. For more information about our recovery services, please contact a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist at 866-461-1759.