BRC stars on “Cracking Addiction” Premier Tonight on TLC


Brandon and Debbie Knauss of VIP Recovery with Marsha Stone, CEO of BRC

Tonight at 8 p.m. (CST), tune into TLC as BRC Recovery will be featured along with VIP Recovery in the new hit show Cracking Addiction, a show that deals with drug and alcohol recovery and addiction interventions.

About Cracking Addiction on TLC

Cracking Addiction digs into the dark and destructive world of drug and alcohol addiction by bringing audiences face-to-face with a mother-son intervention team, Debbie and Brandon Knauss. The Knauss’ own and operate Vital Intervention Professionals (VIP), traveling the country as they attempt to bring drug addicts into recovery. The show documents their journey as they prepare and execute surprise interventions.

BRC will be featured on tonight’s show as they work with the Knauss’ in order to provide drug recovery services for an addict who is caught in the grips of drug addiction. Make sure you check your local listings and tune in!

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