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Testing the Experts Radio Show with BRC Recovery CEO Marsha Stone

Testing the Experts

On Friday, March 21, Marsha Stone was a featured guest speaker for “Testing the Experts” Internet radio show, based in Atlanta, GA and was interviewed by the show hosts, Wes Warrington and Tracy Youngblood-McDaniel.  Marsha answered questions about the recovery-oriented systems of care concept and how BRC Recovery has successfully helped hundreds of people with their extended-care recovery program since 2006. Also featured on the show was Frank Montero, owner of TLC Residential Sober Homes in San Francisco.

Marsha Stone & Testing the Experts

“Testing the Experts”, presented by Confirmatrix Laboratory, introduces top physicians, treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities, researchers, law enforcement personnel and other organizations in Atlanta to discuss their work and examine how drug testing and trends in patient care as well as drug usage plays a part in their day to day operations. The Internet radio show airs each Friday at 1:00pm EST. Are you or a loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? Our staff of recovery professionals is here to help you find and maintain a life of permanent sobriety.