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Stress and Coping in Self-Quarantine

This April marks the 28th annual Stress Awareness Month, which is falling at a uniquely opportune time, as most of us are experiencing higher-than-average levels of stress and anxiety due to coronavirus. If you’re observing self-quarantine and are struggling to cope with the resulting feelings of unease or worry, what are some ways you can regain a sense of control in life?

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating well is essential if you want to stay physically and mentally healthy and have enough energy to accomplish all your daily tasks. But did you know specific foods – such as whole grains, citrus fruits, avocado and herbal teas – can help naturally reduce your stress levels? You’re probably already preparing more meals at home due to self-quarantine, so be sure to look for nutritious recipes that can balance your mood.

2. Practice Relaxation Exercises

If you were already prone to anxiety or even panic attacks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably have already developed a few surefire relaxation techniques that work well for you. If you haven’t yet mastered any ways to help yourself calm down, the good news is that there are plenty to experiment with in self-quarantine. Start with these tried-and-true exercises. All of them take only a few minutes, and they don’t require you to leave the safety of your home.

3. Stay in Touch With Loved Ones

For many people, one of the most challenging aspects of self-quarantine has been the inability to gather with friends and family. Humans evolved to live in social groups, an aspect most of us have been missing out on lately. If you’re feeling lonely, organize a virtual meetup with the people you care about most using an app such as Skype or Netflix Party.

4. Find Relaxing Activities to Do at Home

Everyone handles stress a bit differently. If self-quarantine has started to make you feel restless or given you a case of cabin fever, develop a new hobby that expands your horizons without leaving the house. Plenty of resources exist to help curious people learn new skills or develop healthy habits such as meditation.

5. Remember Why We Need to Keep Our Distance

Has the novelty of self-quarantine started to wear a little bit thin – along with your patience? Remind yourself that, until scientists have developed a coronavirus vaccine, maintaining social distancing is one of the only reliable tools we have available to slow the spread of this deadly virus around the world. In other words, the self-isolation guidelines you’ve been observing are not only in place to protect you from getting sick – they’re also a vital measure in preserving the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our communities, such as elderly or immunocompromised people. Many people who have transmitted the deadly virus have shown no symptoms of illness. For the greater good, it is essential to stay away from others as much as possible, even if you feel completely healthy.

Addiction Treatment Amid COVID-19

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, Spearhead Lodge’s mission remains unchanged. We are here to provide world-class treatment to young men struggling with the disease of addiction, and we have implemented protective measures to ensure we can continue to serve our clients during these difficult times. Call or email us today to begin your journey toward total wellness and freedom from drugs and alcohol.