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Searching for Positivity in Recovery

positivityA positive attitude is a powerful force in recovery. While it’s easy to fixate on the negative – especially during early recovery while you’re wrestling with a host of emotions – doing everything in your power to find the positive can help you stay on the sober track. A positive attitude can help you find comfort in the past and hope for the future. But finding a genuine smile isn’t always simple and may take some time and effort as well as patience with yourself and your journey. Some people in recovery gain an optimistic view by reminding themselves that “feelings are not facts.” In other words, it may help to remember that you will feel better with each passing day and that those negative feelings you’re experiencing are not permanent – they will pass. Others swear by the common recovery slogan: “fake it till you make it.” The act of feigning happiness and optimism and confidence will help you realize those qualities in yourself. Some studies even show that we can change our emotions by altering our facial expression. Even if it’s not genuine, putting a smile on your face can boost your mood and decrease stress. Tips for Growing a Positive Outlook Positivity is something that you can practice and hone – and you might even say it’s contagious. This is why it’s important to be choosy about who you surround yourself with during recovery. Sticking with friends, family members and recovery peers who have good, positive attitudes will serve you much better than hanging with “Negative Nancy” or “Doom and Gloom Garry,” for instance. Another way to increase your positivity is simply to celebrate the positives in your life. Recovery is made up of small milestones and steps; moments and actions that you should be proud about. This is where gratitude also comes into play. Being grateful will help ensure that you’re thankful for the big and small wins in life – like the chance at a sober life, friends and loved ones who support your journey and the many sunny days you have yet to experience. Staying Positive at Segue The first year of recovery is challenging and clients can use all the tools they can get to stay positive and to stay sober. During this time, we provide sober coaching, case management, monitoring, family engagement and accountability for both the client and their family. To learn more about our holistic approach to aftercare, call us today: 833-485-0789.