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Peer Recovery Support

Segue Recovery Support is part of the BRC family of programs, developed specifically to give people a safe place to go after their discharge from a drug and alcohol rehab. Many people struggle to maintain sobriety without the daily structure and encouragement found in a formal treatment program, making the earliest stages of recovery a uniquely tricky time.

What Does a Peer Support Specialist Do?

Healing your body and mind from the effects of a substance use disorder is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever undertake. Research indicates that peer support is an essential component of the process. At Segue Recovery Support, our peer support specialists promote the benefits of maintaining a sober lifestyle and remove obstacles to recovery, serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. They will stay by your side throughout the ups and downs of your journey. For people seeking lifelong sobriety, it’s tremendously beneficial to meet others who have faced many of the same struggles and life lessons. They need consistent, compassionate role models who provide living proof that recovery is within reach and that no challenge is insurmountable. At Segue, all our coaches are in active recovery themselves and know what it takes to maintain sobriety one day at a time.

Meet Our Recovery Coaches

Douglas Hauck, our executive director, has been sober since Dec. 21, 2013, and attributes this to the power of God and the experience he had at BRC and then at Segue. He has held many roles at BRC since 2014, including serving as executive director for the past four years. Connor Kelley has been sober for five years since leaving BRC recovery in June 2016. He struggled with heroin addiction for most of his young adult life before getting sober at age 23. Since then, Connor has gotten married and welcomed his first child in 2019. Helping others on the path of freedom and recovery is now Connor’s primary purpose. Today, he works as the assistant director of the Segue program, passing along the knowledge and experience to other coaches. Ali Orr has been sober three years after entering long-term treatment in 2017. She decided to accept help after seeing the damage that her addiction caused her family, friends and self. Ali happily joined the BRC family and now works in the aftercare program as the assistant director of recovery housing. In her spare time, Ali enjoys the great outdoors and celebrating the freedom that a life in recovery has given her. Rebecca Fenton has been sober for three and a half years after going to inpatient treatment, PHP and IOP. She decided to get help after many months of homelessness as a result of her addiction. Today, Rebecca provides aftercare services to women seeking help to navigate into a new life of sobriety. She is involved in a 12-step program and sponsors other women in recovery. Rebecca’s priority is to let others know there is true freedom in sobriety and it is a beautiful life that is worth living. Dustin Hand has been sober for three years after his stay with BRC in 2018. For over 15 years, he struggled with chronic relapses to heroin and crack addiction before seeking help due to his hate for what his life had become. Faced with multiple criminal charges and the threat of returning to prison, Dustin chose to seek help and found a way out. Today, Dustin works as a Segue coach and helps clients as they transition to sober life in society while also doing extensive service in the recovery community in Austin. He chooses to sit with addicts until they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Harrison Hoss started his journey in sobriety in 2018 when he moved to Austin from Washington, D.C., to go to treatment. After a failed attempt and inability to achieve any long-term sobriety on his own, Harrison found himself at BRC in 2019. After treatment, Harrison decided to put his career as a CPA on hold to give back to the place that helped him achieve true happiness. Harrison has served as an RCA, a house manager and now as a Segue coach for BRC. He works with people coming out of treatment, helping them make the transition into a more normal and regular life. Harrison’s goal is to help facilitate a controlled approach for recovering addicts to rebuild personal relationships and achieve their goals. Mariah Poulston has been sober for three years after her stay at BRC Recovery in January 2018. She decided to go to treatment after an intervention made her realize she needed to change her life quickly or she would suffer severe legal consequences as a result of her addiction. Today, Mariah provides peer recovery support guidance for people in their first year of sobriety. She also hosts 12-step meetings in institutions to support incarcerated women in their quest to maintain sobriety. Lauren Sinha has been sober for six years after her 2015 stay at BRC Recovery. She decided to get help after several failed attempts at sobriety. Today, Lauren provides coaching services for people coming out of treatment. She has found joy in her involvement within the YPAA community and had the opportunity to be on the Austin host committee for the Texas State Conference of young people in AA. She feels purpose being able to share her experience with others and help them along their journey to long-term recovery. Santiago Sustaeta started his recovery journey in early 2018, going in and out of treatment centers and AA rooms. At his lowest point of being homeless, jobless and his family refusing to speak with him, he agreed to go through detox at Makana Path. For the first time in his two years of attempted sobriety, the program at Makana Path showed Santiago a way of life that finally seemed attractive. Santiago has worked for the BRC family of programs as a resident care associate, house manager and now a Segue coach. When there was no purpose in sight, Santiago found one in helping others conquer the disease that held him down for so long. Justin Yoken has been sober for seven years since his final 12-step treatment experience. He decided he was ready for a change after falling to his lowest point and becoming addicted to IV heroin. During a moment of clarity, he sought help and began his recovery journey. Justin has been heavily involved in the Austin recovery community for the past seven years and has been working with BRC since 2016. Justin has assisted clients and their families with their recovery journeys at several positions within the organization. He is proud of his relationships, personal growth and sober accomplishments and considers it a blessing to be able to help others within his job and in the recovery community.

Giving You the Encouragement You Need to Succeed

BRC was one of the first treatment centers to include a year of case management through peer recovery support in the continuum of care – today, Segue is the full realization of that vision. We have helped hundreds of clients and their families through the treacherous first year of recovery. When the Texas Department of State Health Services first launched the Peer Recovery Support Specialist certification, Segue was one of the first organizations to certify all our recovery coaches. To learn more about our program offerings, please reach out to us today.