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Nature calls; BRC Recovery delivers

BRC Recovery is proud to announce that on March 3rd, our residents will participate in a city-wide environmental event organized by the Austin Parks Foundation, “It’s My Park” Day. Residents will be helping with park reclamation, tree planting and trail improvements. Becoming environmentally conscious is a quality that folds in perfectly with our spiritual program of community and becoming others-focused. Participating in this event is just one way our residents can demonstrate our commitment to the larger picture and the world around us. As volunteers, we practice the spiritual principles of gratitude and humility – all in the name of beautifying the city we live in. BRC Recovery has begun additional environmental initiatives at home, including greater recycling practices in our residential facilities and moving toward paperless communications in our offices. As we reclaim our lives in sobriety, becoming environmentally responsible is just one way we can exhibit our newfound integrity and awareness. As we grow in this program, doing the right thing becomes second nature–and when the environment beckons, we are pleased to answer. For more information on “It’s My Park” Day, please contact the Austin Parks Foundation. ( -Nina James

Nina James is a recent alumna of BRC Recovery. Previously an amateur blogger from Washington, D.C., Nina now lives in a sober house in Austin, TX and currently works part-time as a fundraiser for BRC Recovery.