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Ideas for Sober Fun This Winter

Staying sober during any season can be difficult, but wintertime can pose even greater challenges, including shorter, darker days, seasonal depression and added stress brought on by the holidays. Planning fun, sober activities with your close friends and family or recovery peers is a great way to safeguard your sobriety and enjoy life this winter. Here are a few, fun ideas you can use to start a list of activities you’ll enjoy this winter. Pull it out when you’re bored or need a little boost!

  • Give ice skating a whirl: Ice skating is the quintessential winter activity and, if you’re not a natural skater, it’s a great opportunity to laugh at yourself and bond with a friend. For $10 (this includes skate rental), you can go ice skating on the rooftop plaza at Whole Foods Market Lamar.
  • Check out a museum. Austin is full of amazing museums and many of them are free! Check out some new exhibits this winter. You’ll learn something new and get some exercise as you stroll around the museum and take in the beauty and culture.
  • Head to the movies. Many local theaters have special winter-themed movie pop-ups so keep your eyes peeled for what’s going on in your area. Or stay home, pop some popcorn and watch some holiday classics.
  • Take in the lights. An Austin tradition for more than 50 years, the Trail of Lights is an awe-inspiring production with more than two million lights. There’s also more than 40 displays and local food trucks.
  • Go for a brisk walk. Explore Austin’s parks, preserves and green areas and go for a brisk walk or hike. Bonus: If it’s a sunny day, you’ll get some extra mood-boosting Vitamin D.
  • Plan a game night. You can have plenty of sober fun without leaving the warmth of your house. Host a game night with a few close sober friends and have everyone bring an appetizer or dessert.

Sober Support All Season at Spearhead Lodge Austin has many well-established resources for those on the journey toward lasting recovery. To ensure that you have support during winter and beyond, we teach clients to rely on their community of peers. To find out more about how we can help you to live your best fulfilling, sober life, call us today: 888-483-0528.