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How Addiction Affects Men

two men talk during therapy about how addiction affects men

Men and women are affected by drugs and alcohol in different ways. Work and peer pressure can drive some men to drink. There are also genetic factors that come into play, as well as how men are raised, that can make them more susceptible to addiction. If you are researching how addiction affects men, you likely know a man who is struggling with addiction and want to help them before they harm themselves further. Enrolling in a men’s only addiction rehab center is the best way that men can work on their recovery where there are no distractions during therapy.

At BRC Healthcare, we work with men from all walks of life who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, meth, heroin, or other dangerous substances. Our innovative treatment center offers separate men’s and women’s rehab programs. Single-gender rehab can be much more effective for men, especially if the addiction stems from relationships with women. They will work with a male therapist with their male peers in a discrete environment free from outside distractions. To learn more about our men’s rehab in Austin, TX, call or fill out our online form today, and we will get back to you promptly.

How Addiction Affects Men

Addiction is a complex disorder to treat with external and internal factors that drive a person to continue abusing substances, even if they have a strong desire to stop. The chemical changes that drugs and alcohol cause within the body will create a physical dependence on the substance of choice as well as a mental addiction. Both physical and mental aspects of addiction will need to be addressed in order to give men the skills and confidence they need to maintain their sobriety.

According to several studies about men and addiction, there are multiple factors that lead men to drink or abuse drugs:

  • Men have a cavalier approach toward drugs and alcohol and don’t think about the effects of addiction and what it can do to their health and well-being.
  • Men are more likely to give in to peer pressure and use drugs or alcohol to fit in or feel accepted by their peers.
  • Men struggle more with expressing their emotions and will turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope with troubling or confusing thoughts and feelings.
  • Men are less likely to talk with someone about their mental health.
  • Work and personal relationships with women can cause frustrations that they don’t know how to process or cope with.
  • Some men don’t know how to or simply refuse to ask for help.

There are several ways in how addiction affects men. If you suspect a male friend or family member is abusing drugs or alcohol, talk to them about your concerns for their health and different options for enrolling in a rehab center.

Enrolling in a Men’s Addiction Rehab Program

Researching men and addiction and how it affects them can open your eyes to how difficult it can be to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. A men’s rehab program can make the recovery process easier with fewer risks of relapse in therapy sessions.

When enrolling in a rehab center, here is what you can expect when beginning the program:

  • A trained therapist will evaluate new clients’ physical and mental health, along with the severity of their addiction, to place them in the appropriate program.
  • Medical staff will begin medication-assisted treatment to ease withdrawals and cravings. They will monitor each client’s progress throughout the program and begin tapering off the medication when no longer necessary.
  • Private therapy sessions are led by a male therapist where men can open up about the reasons behind the addiction and begin processing those feelings in a healthy manner.
  • During group therapy, men will participate in discussions and activities that will build their communication skills and confidence in maintaining their sobriety.

Men who participate in addiction recovery will have an easier time getting through withdrawals and building a healthy and sober lifestyle. The skills they learn will allow them to better manage their symptoms and cravings, no matter what life throws at them.

Find Men’s Rehab in Austin, TX, at BRC Healthcare

BRC Healthcare welcomes all men and women who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, opioids, or other addictive substances. Our treatment programs use the latest in behavioral therapy and medical support, along with mindfulness and meditation, and other holistic therapies. We take the time to build trust and open communication with each client so they feel comfortable opening up about the reasons behind substance abuse.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and ready for a real change, contact us at today to speak with one of our compassionate team members.