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Stop Flying Under the Radar

Taking that first step toward participating in an addiction treatment program is critical for getting your life back. However, the important word there is “participating.” When every day counts in treatment, you will need to stop flying under the radar so you’ll get the most out of your rehab experience.

Actively Participating for Positive Outcomes

Enrolling in a treatment program is not a magical cure in itself. The professionals working with you while you’re in rehab will certainly guide you through solutions to overcoming your addiction, including uncovering the reasons you were using drugs or alcohol. However, it is up to you to stop flying under the radar and put in the work you need to do for true recovery.

Research has shown that actively participating in peer support groups, especially, is a key predictor of recovery from addiction and of sustaining that recovery. Participation can produce positive outcomes, as the evidence demonstrate that your behavior can be influenced by others in the group, just as you can influence others through your words and actions.

In addition, peer groups and addiction treatment programs are often facilitated by people who are in recovery themselves, which adds to the benefits you’ll get out of participating in discussions and in your own rehab experience. This is the case at BRC Recovery, where our experienced professionals are focused on helping you get the most of your treatment and on not letting you sabotage your own program.

Remaining in Treatment is Critical

Additional research has shown that simply showing up, or not being involved in treatment for an adequate amount of time, will not give you the results you need. Of course, the time it takes to be effective will depend on your particular situation, but research has found that most individuals need at least three months in a treatment program, so they can stop their use of drugs and alcohol and enjoy the best outcomes. Recovery is a long-term process that requires you to be involved and to stay involved for the duration.

Addiction is considered to be a chronic illness. If you were diagnosed with another type of illness, you would not expect your healthcare provider to treat or cure you without putting forth some effort yourself. You might have to change your eating habits or get more exercise to lower your blood pressure, for example. Likewise, you cannot depend on the addiction treatment provider to cure your addiction without your participation in the rehab process.

Tailored Treatment

In fact, since your treatment plan is typically tailored to your needs and your circumstances, it is even more important that you stop flying under the radar and work on the plan cooperatively with your treatment professional. Your provider can help ensure that you are following your plan and that you clearly understand the expectations, but it is up to you to do the work that will lead to a successful outcome for you in recovery.

Motivation to Change

Behavioral therapies have been found to be effective in treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These therapies can involve the individual, the family, and a peer group. One of the most important aspects of behavioral therapy is addressing your motivation to change, a motivation that will be encouraged and nourished throughout your rehab as you build the skills you need to live a substance-free life for yourself.

You will work on improving your problem-solving skills as well as improving your relationships with your positive support network of friends and family members. Participating actively in group therapy and peer support programs, especially, have been shown to help maintain your continued abstinence.


Engagement and accountability are critical for your positive outcomes in addiction treatment. At BRC Recovery, we help you work with you to heal your mind and your body while addressing the underlying issues that lead to your addiction. We offer you proven psychological treatment and evidence-based therapeutic approaches to address your addiction and mental health concerns. We work with you to bring real change for your life, with proven treatment options that will empower you to recreate and reclaim your life.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer a safe, clean environment so you can continue receiving the highest quality of care. To learn more about our services and to get the help you need, please call BRC Recovery at 1-866-291-2676 to speak to our team.