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Can Music Improve Your Mental Health?

The idea of using music to affect your mood won’t surprise you if you’ve ever felt more invigorated after listening to your favorite rock anthem or had a heartfelt ballad move you to tears. Some studies suggest music can have a surprising array of mental health benefits, including the following advantages.

Release Stress and Tension

If you’ve ever gone to a day spa for pampering treatments like a massage, you may have felt instantly relaxed by the soothing background music. Or, perhaps you’ve used gentle instrumentals during your regular yoga or meditation practice to set your intention and help put you in a more receptive mindset. Music has proven to help listeners relax. If you get stressed or overwhelmed, you might avoid listening to music for fear it will be another distraction. However, in trying times, consider putting on some soothing background music to improve your focus and concentration. Research suggests music has a range of benefits for mental well-being, including pain and anxiety relief. It can act like an antidepressant and enhance self-confidence.

Ease Some Mental Health Symptoms

Several studies have uncovered evidence that music can help improve mood through emotional expression. If you’re experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms, adding music therapy to your regular treatment approach might be more effective than counseling alone. Incorporating music into your mental health plan shows few to no negative side effects.

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep disruptions affect people from all ages and walks of life. While there are many solutions for issues like insomnia, listening to music can set the mood for sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or stick with a consistent sleep schedule, try creating a relaxing pre-bedtime routine that includes listening to calming instrumental music, perhaps alongside gentle yoga stretches.

Feel Happier

If you’re feeling sad, fatigued or defeated, listening to upbeat, positive music can help you turn a bad day around. Instead of dwelling on challenges you’re struggling to overcome or feeling sorry for yourself, queue up tunes that improve your mood. If you want to feel even better, sing along with the lyrics, or get up and have a private dance party.

Get and Stay Active

You might have chores on your to-do list that you keep putting off in favor of relaxing and watching TV. How can you get motivated to power through procrastination? Use your favorite music to energize and inspire you. Put on a high-octane playlist to boost your energy and improve your enthusiasm in no time.

Use Music to Boost Your Mental Health

Regardless of your favorite genres or artists, the music you love can improve your mood, your outlook and your overall mental health. Create a playlist or find one someone else has compiled to start your journey toward happiness. At Segue Recovery Support, we provide stable transitional housing for people leaving qualified addiction treatment centers who aren’t yet ready to resume their regular lives. By following the Segue Program™, which is our holistic approach to aftercare, you can avoid a relapse and pursue your sobriety goals. Contact us today to learn more.