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10 Reasons BRC Is The Best Alcohol Rehab In Austin

drug rehab center austinBRC Recovery is making a name for itself in Austin and beyond as being one of the best recovery centers in the area, with the testimonials speaking for themselves. So what are the 10 reasons BRC Recovery is the best alcohol rehab in Austin? Let’s take a look. #1 – We offer intervention services. Intervention has been popularized by hit television series and people now think this is something they can do themselves. This is not true, however, as it must be strategically planned and executed by a Certified Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. Interventions can be highly successful but require full cooperation of everyone involved. BRC Recovery works with Austin interventionists and professional alcohol and drug interventionists all over the Country to help concerned family members who have a loved one abusing or chemically dependent on alcohol and/or drugs. #2 – We offer detox coordination services. No treatment can truly start until the patient has been fully detoxed. This is particularly important with alcohol abuse, as detoxing cold turkey without support can be incredibly dangerous. #3 – We offer 90-day programs. We do not believe someone can be healed in just 30 days of treatment, as other centers claim. Instead, we offer 90-day Residential programs and aftercare beyond this. This helps us to ensure that everybody can truly live a life in recovery. #4 – We have gender-specific programs. We understand that many people do not feel comfortable living closely together and sharing personal information with people of the opposite sex. This is particularly true with women, who may have turned to substances such as alcohol due to the problem of domestic violence. Hence, we offer gender-specific programs to reduce stress as much as possible. #5 – We own 2 gender-specific sober living facilities. For those residents who do not feel ready to return to the “normal” world straight after the 90-day treatment program, we offer sober living apartments. This allows them to slowly get back in control of their own life in a way that is independent yet supported. The success of these apartments is unparalleled. #6 – Our care continues beyond 90-days. We understand how important it is to have a strong community and alumni program after treatment in order to maintain sobriety. BRC Alumni are an extension of our family, and are encouraged to attend our weekly on property Alumni meetings, our Annual Alumni Reunion, and our other exciting Alumni events throughout the year. #7 – Our approach has been proven by our success rate. We are one of the few treatment facilities in the state that are open about success rates. This is because we believe in our program, which has been proven to work. Additionally, we believe that this proof will encourage others to seek the help they so desperately need. #8 – We are specifically designed for the treatment resistant/chronically relapsing population. We do not judge our residents for past mistakes. Someone who is a chronic relapser can come to us and receive full treatment. The residents who complete our Residential Program and our Transition Program and adhere to our recommendations following discharge are successful in their sobriety as well as quality of life. #9 – We offer holistic care. Our residents do not just spend their days detoxing and going through counseling. We focus on the whole human being. This includes nutrition, fitness, personal finance and more. #10 – We welcome families. The families of our residents are fully involved in every aspect of their loved ones recovery program. Some of our biggest advocates are parents who once thought there was no hope for their child and are grateful to see that not only has their child successfully completed the program but the quality of life their child now has is better than they could’ve imagined – even several years after completing the BRC program. Texas Alcohol Rehab