Agnosticism, Spiritual Beliefs and Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The word agnostic derives from the ancient Greek phrase meaning “without knowledge”. [source]

People who are of the agnostic view believe that there is no way of knowing whether or not the existence or non-existence of any deity is real. From another point of view, agnostic people are those who are undecided about the existence of a higher power versus theists and atheists who have decided to either  believe or not believe that a deity exists (respectively).

Agnosticism and Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers around the United States which provide rehab options for addicts while incorporating the use of some religious aspect as part of the process. However, for many agnostics, this creates a sense of friction as the combination of religious elements along with drug and alcohol rehab tends to violate their own personal spiritual beliefs- thus hampering a resident’s efforts to continue on the path to sober living.

At BRC, our 12-step program incorporates the use of a non-secular ‘spiritual’ element, creating space for agnostics, atheists and theists alike to turn to whatever spiritual belief that they choose without having to submit to a religious group or movement that they do not support and which would violate their personal beliefs. If you take a closer look at our Spiritual Laws, you will see how seamlessly this is incorporated.

Spiritual Beliefs and Agnosticism in the BRC 12-Step Program

Many 12-step programs that are used at drug and alcohol recovery centers as well as drug and alcohol treatment centers, tend to incorporate the use of a religious element, which can cause controversy during the rehabilitation process. At BRC, our 12-step program is deeply supportive of drug and alcohol addicts from all different faiths and backgrounds.

And while our 12-step program has a spiritual element attached, it is one which encourages residents to turn internally to whatever spiritual center or grounding that they choose. For instance, some residents may choose to turn to their own Higher Power while others turn to God, while others may choose to focus on concepts such as ‘love’. Additionally, our 12-step program is carried out in conjunction with residents being taught various life skills and practices, which are a crucial part of their rehab.

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[photo by tomo908us on flickr]