Benefits of Addiction Treatment

BRC Recovery

Drug Rehab Austin, TX – BRC Recovery helps you or your loved ones to combat addiction to narcotics and alcohol. Do not suffer alone as we can help you to understand the root cause of the addiction and help you to recover. Most addicts feel that they have to go through this alone and cannot help themselves. When you turn to a rehab facility such as BRC Recovery, you can get sober and stay sober through their extended-care program.

Drug Rehab Makes A Difference

BRC Recovery is not exactly the same as other rehab facilities you may have already come across. Not only do we have a superb 90-day primary program, but we provide company-owned sober living and a 12-month monitoring program. The extended continuum of care offered at BRC Recovery makes a substantial difference in your chances of achieving long-term sobriety. Thirty-day programs only scratch the surface of addiction and recovery. Even though substance abuse and alcohol dependency can render you hopeless, BRC Recovery has a solution.

Admitting You Have a Problem is Key to Your Recovery

It is often stated that the first step to recovering from alcohol or substance addiction is to admit you have a problem. Many people do not see their addiction to be a problem until it starts to really cause detrimental effects to their life. If you have to hit rock bottom in order to understand that help is necessary, then you will have a much longer road to recovery. This is why it is important to recognize your addiction before it destroys your life. If you think this may be you, consider drug rehab in Austin, TX at BRC Recovery and call (866) 461-1759 now for help.

Call us today to take the vital first step and call us, you can start your journey to recovery.

Trying to Deal With Addiction on Your Own is Not the Answer

Talk to us so we can help you to understand your addiction and the options you have if you choose to keep drinking and/or drugging. It is not a pretty picture. It has been shown that addicts who undergo an addiction program are more likely to recover fully and regain their life. At BRC Recovery, you not only have a great support system from the staff, who are in recovery themselves, but also excellent peer support from the other clients. Take a look at the different programs we offer. Our extended aftercare program and active alumni program will keep you connected to your recovery after you leave our facility. BRC Recovery is the place to discover a life of permanent sobriety.