A Different Kind of Drug Rehab Center in Austin, Texas

Whether you have completed alcohol treatment or drug rehab multiple times or have never been to any type of a structured treatment program, the BRC Recovery (formerly Mark Houston Recovery) offers a full continuum of care for addiction recovery.

BRC Recovery-Bluebonnets-Cactus-Austin-TexasBRC Recovery offers an extended-care recovery program for adult men and women struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. Located east of Austin, Texas on 70 acres, the gender-specific 90-day residential program focuses on the 12 Steps, life skills, spirituality and fitness. After completing the residential phase, residents transition into company-owned sober living and 12 months of aftercare monitoring. If you‘re ready to learn how to live a sober, responsible, committed life full of promise, we’re here to help you.

When Drug and Alcohol Treatment is Not Enough

A certain percentage of men and women who complete a 30-day addiction treatment program will not be ready to return to society and day-to-day living. Others may actually relapse shortly after completing a drug or alcohol rehab program, only to feel an even more debilitating sense of failure regarding their alcoholism or drug addiction.

It is at this point that these addicts and their families ask themselves: “What can I do to truly recover from my alcoholism or drug addiction? What relapse prevention tools or length of program does it take to achieve long-term sobriety?”

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