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Medication Management

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a person receives a doctor in a medication management programA medication management program is often a critical component of addiction therapy programs. Medication management helps individuals to learn how to safely and effectively take medication as prescribed. This ensures that they are receiving the intended benefits and minimizing the potential for adverse side effects. These programs provide education about medications, monitoring of symptoms, and communication with medical providers.

BRC Healthcare’s medication management programs in the Austin, TX area are designed to be comprehensive and individualized. Our medication management specialists provide one-on-one care to ensure that clients understand their medications, how they interact with their psychiatric and physical symptoms, and how to manage potential side effects. Contact us at today to learn how our addiction therapy programs can help you in your journey to lasting recovery.

What Is Medication Management?

A medication management program is a process that oversees and manages the medications prescribed to individuals, making sure these medications are being used properly. Medication management therapy works to make sure individuals are benefiting from the medications they use as they work to overcome substance use disorders.

It is typically combined with some form of outpatient therapy or counseling. The medication may be prescribed for long-term or short-term use. Examples include:

  • Mood stabilizers – These medications are used to help regulate intense emotion
  • Anti-anxiety medications – These medications are used to reduce anxiety
  • Sleep medications – These medications are used to help individuals sleep
  • Antidepressants – These medications can be used to improve mood and increase energy
  • Opioid agonists – These medications are used to reduce cravings for opioids
  • Alcohol-cessation medications – These medications are used to help individuals abstain from drinking alcohol.

Medication management also includes educating individuals on the proper use of their medications and monitoring for adverse effects. This helps individuals to stay safe and healthy while working toward recovery.

How Does a Medication Management Program Work?

An addiction professional will perform an in-depth assessment, including physical and mental health histories and an analysis of your substance misuse patterns. A medication management program may be appropriate under certain conditions.

If appropriate, opioid agonists or alcohol-cessation medications may be prescribed to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms:

  • Methadone – This opioid agonist is used to decrease cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate use
  • Buprenorphine – This opioid agonist is designed to reduce the longing and discomfort associated with opiate addiction, allowing people on a path of recovery to stay focused on their goals.
  • Naltrexone – This alcohol-cessation medication is used to reduce cravings and decrease the rewarding effects of alcohol
  • Disulfiram – This alcohol-cessation medication discourages drinking by producing disagreeable symptoms upon alcohol consumption.

The medication management program will provide education about when and how to take medications, potential side effects, and how to manage those side effects. It is also important to learn about any interactions medications may have with one another or with other substances.

It also includes counseling and ongoing support to ensure that individuals remain on track with their recovery. A good medication management program should include regular follow-up meetings to check in on progress and make any necessary adjustments.

BRC Healthcare’s Medication Management Therapy

Medication management therapy can be a vital part of recovery from substance use disorders. At BRC Healthcare, we provide medication management services that are individualized and comprehensive. Our medication management specialists are experienced and compassionate, providing one-on-one care in order to ensure that clients understand their medications and how they interact with mental, physical, and emotional symptoms.

Contact us at today to learn more about our medication management programs in the Austin, TX area and how we can help you or a loved one achieve lasting recovery.