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Rehab Alumni Program

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a group supports one another in a rehab alumni programA rehab alumni program can be essential to long-lasting healing. After all, addiction is not over once a treatment program ends. Recovery is a lifelong process. At BRC Healthcare, we understand this and value the importance of having ongoing support and resources available to our alumni. Our rehab alumni programs in Austin, TX and surrounding areas provide ongoing support and guidance to our former clients. The ultimate goal is the successful transition from a treatment program back into daily life. The alumni program is designed to help former clients stay connected, support one another, and find ways to remain engaged in recovery after completing one of our addiction therapy programs.

Contact BRC Healthcare today at to learn how we help our clients achieve long-lasting recovery. Connection and community are key components of any successful rehab alumni program, and we strive to provide alumni from our Makana Path, BRC Recovery Center, and Segue Recovery programs with the continued support they need.

How Does a Rehab Alumni Program Work?

Our rehab alumni program includes a variety of resources and activities to help former clients maintain their sobriety. We offer:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Peer-support groups
  • Fun activities

Our alumni program also provides access to recovery coaches and addiction specialists who understand the complexity of addiction and have insight into the challenges of sobriety. These professionals can provide guidance on how to manage triggers, cope with stress, and make healthy lifestyle choices. We believe that all of our former clients deserve the chance to live a happy and productive life in recovery. That’s why we offer ongoing support and resources to help our alumni thrive.

BRC Healthcare’s Alumni Program

One of the most cherished aspects of BRC Healthcare is our commitment to community-driven treatment. Residents of our programs often develop lifelong bonds within the community.

You are considered family when you’re a part of the BRC Healthcare alumni program. We encourage our alumni to stay active and be the change they want to see in their communities. Since 2006, we’ve maintained a strong, active alumni program with more than 1,000 members.

BRC Healthcare’s alumni coordinators support alumni through weekly, monthly, and annual check-ins with each client who has passed through our doors. Alumni and their families are always welcome at BRC Healthcare events and to take advantage of our services.

All BRC Healthcare alumni are invited to join our Alumni Facebook Group to stay connected with fellow BRC alumni and share important updates, announcements, and milestones. Alumni support is vital to a permanent recovery, which is why we extend our services to clients well after they’ve graduated from our program.

Benefits of a Rehab Alumni Program

At BRC Healthcare, we understand that addiction is a complex disorder. We believe in the power of ongoing support to sustain long-term recovery. Our alumni programs provide the following benefits:

  • Improved recovery rates – Alumni programs increase accountability and provide a strong sense of community to prevent relapse
  • Increased social support – Alumni programs build and foster a network of peer support, helping individuals cope with stress
  • Access to resources – Alumni programs provide ongoing access to recovery specialists, addiction counselors, and other professionals
  • Improved quality of life – Alumni programs offer tools to help individuals live a healthy, productive life in recovery

At BRC Healthcare, we are devoted to the success of our alumni, and we pride ourselves on helping even the most treatment-resistant clients.

Join the BRC Healthcare Family Today

BRC Healthcare understands that recovery is a life-long journey. We provide our alumni with the necessary resources to maintain a successful and fulfilling life in sobriety. We’re proud to have such a large, active alumni community. Whether you are just taking the first step toward recovery or wish to connect with fellow alumni, we encourage you to contact us at today.