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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

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a person talks to another during alcohol addiction treatmentAn alcohol addiction treatment program gives men and women a fighting chance at breaking their addictions and leading healthy and sober lives. Addiction is a serious mental health disorder that affects millions of men and women each year. Fortunately, there are several effective treatment programs that can help stop the abuse before causing permanent harm. Those who enroll in addiction treatment have a better chance of reaching their recovery goals on time with fewer chances of relapse.

At BRC Healthcare, we work with people from all walks of life who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, or other dangerous substances. Our facility offers long-term recovery options for individuals in a safe and discreet environment that utilizes behavioral therapy and medical support. Our treatment programs are based on each client’s unique symptoms and the severity of the addiction and support every stage of recovery. To learn more about our substance abuse treatment in Austin, TX, send us a message online or call today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

Knowing when to Enroll in an Alcohol Rehab Program

Addiction affects each person in different ways. While some people seem immune to addiction, others can seemingly develop a serious problem overnight. Each person’s family history and personal experiences have a role to play in how susceptible a person is to addiction. Those who experience trauma, physical or emotional abuse, or depression are more likely to develop an addiction due to the euphoric sensations it creates.

Experts also think that your DNA may play a significant role. If your parents or grandparents have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, your cells may have more receptors that interact with drugs and alcohol than others. This means the effects could be more intense, as is your susceptibility to addiction.

If you believe a friend or family member is abusing alcohol, here are some of the common signs that point to needing an alcohol rehab program:

  • They are intoxicated whenever you see them
  • When drinking, they drink to excess
  • They experience problems keeping up with work or school responsibilities
  • You notice a decline in personal hygiene
  • They have extreme mood swings
  • They become angry when asked about their drinking

At BRC Healthcare, our alcohol addiction treatment near Austin, TX provides comprehensive treatment for individuals who are ready to make a positive change in their lives. We build a close relationship with each client, so they feel comfortable opening up and talking about the reasons that led to the abuse.

The Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Enrolling in an alcohol rehab program is the smart choice to make when the addiction begins to cause problems at work, school, or home. The therapies that residents participate in are proven to ease addiction symptoms and triggers to promote lifelong sobriety. Just some of the additional benefits of alcohol addiction treatment include the following:

Addiction Education

Learning about the dangers of addiction and the harm it can cause is important in the recovery process. Residents and their families will learn how addiction can consume a person and make them behave out of character. Many times, even if a person has a strong desire to quit, they are powerless against their cravings.

Behavioral Therapy

To address the complex issues that lead to addiction, therapists use cognitive-behavioral therapy and other types of behavioral therapy. It focuses on showing residents how their thoughts and emotions are dictating their behaviors and causing them to drink. They teach them healthy ways of coping with their feelings and ignoring their triggers.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

To help with withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, medical staff will administer medications that are proven effective in the detox process. They will monitor each resident’s reactions to the medication and adjust the dosage for maximum benefits with minimal side effects. As withdrawals begin to fade, they will begin reducing the medication until no longer necessary.

Family Therapy

Another benefit of enrolling in an alcohol rehab program is including parents, spouses, and children. They can talk with a therapist and resolve any frustrations or lingering issues caused by the abuse. They will help rebuild relationships and teach them how to create a stable home environment promoting lifelong sobriety.

BRC Healthcare

BRC Healthcare Has Alcohol Abuse Treatment near Austin, TX

At BRC Healthcare, our alcohol addiction treatment near Austin, TX, works with all Texans struggling with addiction to alcohol, heroin, meth, or other addictive substances. Our treatment programs are designed to support you through every stage of recovery with detox, inpatient, and sober living options. Residents will participate in group and private therapy sessions using a combination of behavioral and holistic therapies.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact us at today to discover all of the benefits of our alcohol addiction treatment programs near Austin, TX.