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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Segue recovery residences located?

Segue recovery residences are located all across Austin, Texas. Our residences are strategically located to offer access to employment, recovery activities, and educational institutions. Our team can help you find the proper level of care and location based on your specific needs. Call us at 833-485-0789 to talk with one of our admissions specialists.

What are the costs of Segue?

High Accountability and Graduate Style Apartments

Months 1-3 $1500 per 30 days
Months 3-6 $1000 per 30 days
Months 6+ $750 per 30 days
Traditional Sober Living $750 per 30 days
Additional One Time Fees $350 admit fee
  $500 re-admit fee

The Segue Program is not included in the fees for sober living. The Segue program is a 12-month program that often continues support after a resident has successfully completed sober living. Call our admissions team at 833-485-0789 to learn more about The Segue Program.

Is The Segue Program and housing open to the public?

Yes. Segue started as a continuum of care program exclusively for BRC Recovery and Spearhead Lodge residents, however we now open our residences and services to other programs.

Do you have to go to treatment to enter into the Segue program or recovery residences?

Not necessarily. In most cases, Segue housing is provided to people successfully discharging from a treatment program. We have seen situations where people need to enter Segue recovery residences without attending treatment. We will assess each person to ensure they are in the proper level of care.

What are the requirements for graduate style apartment sober living?

Graduate Style Housing is meant for individuals that are stable in their recovery. Residents must complete traditional or high accountability sober living to be eligible to enter into the graduate style apartments. We will provide a free assessment to determine eligibility for the appropriate level of sober living for you or your loved one.

Are your recovery residences gender specific?

Yes. Segue recovery residences are all gender specific. We believe men and women are more successful in early recovery when they are in gender specific environments. Segue does not provide co-ed housing.

Do you have live in house managers?

Yes. All Segue housing are staffed with live-in house or community managers.

What is your relapse policy?

Segue has a zero-tolerance policy for relapse. To protect the safety of our community, it is mandatory for a person to leave residence in the house in which they reside if a relapse occurs. We work closely with each resident and their family in the event of relapse to help provide the appropriate level of care. We do not drop clients from the Segue system due to a relapse. We will create a plan to get them re-engaged in recovery. In some cases, this means we recommend they attend detox or in-patient treatment for stabilization. In other cases, we will move them to a house that meets their level of care needs. In all situations, we keep the safety of the entire group in mind, while also looking out for the welfare of the individual.

Are your sober living homes 12-step based?

Segue strongly believes in the 12-step approach to recovery. Our homes require mandatory 12-step meeting attendance to be in compliance with house rules. Segue Recovery Residences offer a unique culture rooted in structure, accountability, and 12-step principles. 12-Step participation is vital to maintain this culture. We support all forms of abstinence based recovery.

Do you allow residents on Suboxone (buprenorphine) or methadone?

Segue provides abstinence based housing, so we do not allow mind-altering medications like Suboxone and methadone. If you or your loved one is currently on an opiate replacement medication, we can work with you and your medical providers to safely help you to become abstinent from mind altering substances.

Do you allow medications?

Yes, Segue houses allow medications that are prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. Residents are responsible for administering their own medication, although staff may monitor and assist residents in taking medications as prescribed. Medication monitoring varies based on the level of care in the house.

Do you allow residents to use Antabuse or naltrexone?

Yes, Segue allows medications such as Antabuse or naloxone, as these medications are not mind-altering. We believe the lasting recovery requires transformation of body, mind, and spirit, so we do not believe that preventative medications alone are an answer to addiction/alcoholism.

Do you have naloxone overdose prevention resources?

Yes, all Segue homes and staff are trained for overdose reversal with Naloxone.

Is Segue accredited by the Joint Commission?

Yes, Segue is one of the only recovery residence and support programs that has been granted the Golden Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.