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Transitional Living Program

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a person opens a door to a transitional living programA person can sometimes put their recovery at risk if they are not ready to advance to the next platform of life. In such cases, they may need to transition themselves in order to ensure a successful life change. Transitional living is a temporary living situation that prepares people for what comes next. A transitional living program can help a person safely transition back to their everyday life. Through fellowship, accountability, and ongoing support, residents learn the building blocks of lasting recovery.

BRC Healthcare’s transitional living programs in the Austin, TX area are designed to promote independence and successful transition from addiction treatment. Our supportive and safe environment provides a structured living experience with recovery and relapse prevention skills, house meetings, 12-step program involvement, sober living activities, and individual counseling. Contact BRC Healthcare at today to learn more how about our addiction treatment programs can help create lasting recovery.

What Is a Transitional Living Program?

Walking out of substance abuse treatment and back to regular life is a risk. To many in recovery, relapsing is a terrifying thought. Recovery is a long and fulfilling journey. Transitional living provides that final burst of confidence.
Elements of a transitional living program include:

  • Supportive yet safe living environment
  • Continued counseling and therapy
  • Life skills development
  • 12-step program involvement

The goal of a transitional living program is to build a strong foundation of recovery. These programs assist individuals in transitioning from the treatment environment to regular life, whether that means finding a job, going back to school, or just getting back into the swing of everyday life. BRC Healthcare provides a transitional living program for those in the Austin, TX area. Our program is focused on life skills and personal and professional development.

Types of Transitional Living Facilities

There are two sorts of transitional living facilities:

  • A shelter transitional living facility is for more short-term usage. Anyone can come into this shelter and be provided with food and board. Shelters are typically flexible on the length of stay. People leave when they are ready to leave.
  • The other sort of transitional recovery program is rehabilitation. The policies of such facilities usually focus on long-term recovery. The stay is typically predetermined and comes with a strict set of rules and regulations.

Transitional living facilities often are gender-specific, and residents who have already completed residential treatment also often have 24-hour therapeutic support. The significant difference between transitional living and residential treatment is that transitional living allows residents to interact with the surrounding society. Such privileges serve as a significant confidence booster.

Most transitional recovery centers are self-sufficient. Individuals pay rent and, in exchange, get a clean and safe home with meals provided.

The Benefits of a Transitional Recovery Program

There are several added benefits of a transitional recovery program that assist folks as they transition back to regular life:

  • Weekly field trips
  • Three meals a day
  • Internet access
  • Fully furnished living accommodations
  • Free internet, television, and phone usage
  • Gym privileges
  • Transportation provided to meetings

A transitional recovery program reinforces everything learned in residential rehab. More importantly, a transitional recovery program will prolong that period of substance abstinence well after rehab. As a result, countless clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of transitional living programs.

Transition Into a Brighter Future at BRC Healthcare

At BRC Healthcare, we treat the whole person instead of just the symptoms and struggles they are enduring. We help our residents attain lifelong recovery. Contact BRC Healthcare at today to learn more about how our transitional living program in the Austin, TX area can help you or a loved one feel completely healed.